There is a wide variety of cricket balls in the market if you go out to buy sports goods online in India. To make it easier for you to differentiate and make the right choice, we have split the balls into on the basis of stitching, brands, colour, and games.

Cricket balls based in stitching patterns:

The two-piece stitch ball: When the leather on the outside of the ball is in two parts and shaped in a semi-sphere, it is a two-piece stitched ball. The inside core is placed between these semispheres and stitched in. quality-wise, the two stitch leather ball is very good. The bounce is different than the four stitch ball. When you are about to buy a cricket kit online, keep in mind that this is used at a beginners’ level.

The four-piece stitch ball: Here, the leather outer layer is actually four quarter square parts. Skilled stitching is done on four sides. The four stitch ball is better than the two stitch ones performance-wise. International matches use these balls.

Cricket balls based on colour:

Red leather balls: A red ball is used in international test matches. It is shinier than most balls. These are by far the best balls for any cricket match.

White cricket balls: These balls are generally used in one-day international matches. These are a close second to the red ball when it comes to performance. It is, however, difficult to maintain the shine of a white ball for the span of a game.

Pink balls: Pink balls are used in a trial for test matches. The first pink leather ball was used in a test match between Australia and New Zealand, 2015.

Cricket balls based on the game type:

The hard and soft tennis balls are used only for recreational purposes. Leather balls are used in professional matches. Crock cricket balls require Kashmir willow bats and are used by armature cricket players.

Cricket balls of different brands:

When you venture out to buy cricket ball online, you should compare the available brands before choosing your ball. The two brands, Kookaburra and SG are famous for making leather cricket balls. Kookaburra balls are in fact officially approved by ICC. The Kookaburra Turf Official ODI, a white leather four-piece cricket ball, is a costlier choice for ODI and T20. However, in India, professional matches are played with SG balls. The SG test white is the top tier ball both cost and quality-wise and happens to be very popular in India. In leather balls, there are various other brands that provide high-quality leather cricket balls. These are AJ, SS, Thrax, and SF. SS balls are high-quality cricket balls that can be found on Sportcart if you are trying to buy Sport goods online. In tennis balls, nivia hard and softballs are used by many players, professional and otherwise. In India, COSOC is also a good option when looking for high-quality tennis cricket balls.

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These were some of the cricket balls that are used by professional players as well as beginners of any age. Make sure to get a good deal while online shopping at the best online sports store.

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