Gym industry comes up with different perspectives. In this modern era, gym industry is not only about being a trainer or owning a gym. Today, the world and work has evolved to an extent that if anyone wants to pursue their passion of being in the gym industry, they have hell a lot of options! And this is not especially only for gym industry; let it be any sport or any other fitness industry. Following are the career opportunities a gym enthusiast/ passionate person can pursue if he wants to stick himself in the industry:

1. Gym Trainer - Generally choosing to become a Gym trainer is the most popular career opportunity opted by most gym enthusiasts because of its Easy to pursue and being the most wanted professional in gym. Easy to pursue because once you go to the gym, you get enough of exposure to machines and other activities that would help you build your muscles and gain or lose weights. Being a certified professional adds on your salary meter and makes you get good knowledge which you can infuse in your daily routine and help your clients show results. These clients become important for the word of mouth publicity of you and help you meet your prospective clients. Many agencies such as Make Your Gym help you recruit one for your gym. Also they help you to get certified.

2. Nutrionist/ Dietician – Every gym enthusiast knows about the formula of 80% diet and 20% training. Dieticians play a major role in helping you get your body in shape and convert your fats to muscles. Being a dietician, you can work for a gym, design a diet for your personal clients, or work for health organizations, or work for various food companies simultaneously and earn a huge amount of money. Dieticians can become a boon to many and can easily change their lives. On a lighter note, you get blessings along with money and you know how important blessings are! Agencies such as make your gym also trains a dietician and can also help you provide one.

3. Yoga trainer – Yoga is identified worldwide now. Yoga helps you get good results right from inner health as well as outer health, right from controlling respiratory diseases to controlling your mind over body as well as body over mind. Yoga has been trending in fitness industry since a long time now. As the last reports of Yoga instructors earning on an average, Yoga trainers earn equal or more than the certified gym trainers. Yoga not only makes you feel relaxed and calm, it makes your body as well as soul relaxed. Qualified Yoga trainers can get their session enrolled with a gym, corporates and also schools and colleges. A suggestion though, If you decide to make your gym, get a qualified Yoga instructor.

4. Zumba Expert – Zumba is considered as the most entertaining workouts of all the classified workouts. Zumba is a form of aerobic fitness dance. Zumba is generally preferred to people who want to lose weight. On an average, 1 hour of Zumba can help you lose 600 kcal. A person who isn’t motivated to go to the gym can enrol in Zumba classes. A Zumba expert is trained under the certification by Zumba fitness, LLC. Nowadays usual gyms have allotted a Zumba instructor and even corporates have signed up for a Zumba instructor to get their employees have a fun-time once or twice a month. Hence, there are plenty of opportunities for a Zumba expert to earn. Make your gym agency provides training for becoming an expert and also helps you recruit one.

5. Fitness Magazine Author – Being an author of a fitness magazine has an enormous knowledge of trends and workouts. Featured stories and articles to sharing inspiring outcomes of training can change the way a person thinks for gymming every day. A fitness magazine author is also responsible to work closely with the industry experts and writers and share their knowledge eventually with the customer base. Sharing knowledge is as important as having one. Thus there is a huge prospect of Fitness magazine author in future.

6. Fitness Model – If you have a classic rock-like muscular body, show-up and get paid. Get a photo-shoot done with your abs and huge biceps and toned legs at an attractive location and see money coming to you easily. Even though this is not as easy as it sounds, being a fitness model is a hard nut to crack that requires strict discipline of diet and workouts. This field being highly competitive can be boon as well as bane if proper care is not taken. But if you settle up in this field it is a huge money booster for you.

7. Fitness Apparel Designer – Active wear is the new trend in Gym apparels. New technologies are being researched and developed every other day in gym apparels. Sweaty clothes and loose fitted clothes are not entertained by anyone. Companies such as Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, etc come up with different apparel types in order to have a gym look get enough of exposure and look stylish and attractive. Choosing the career of becoming a fitness apparel designer can land you up in huge companies mentioned above and there is no need to mention the salaries of this unique profession.

8. Gym Manager – Managing a gym is a huge task. Job responsibilities include overseeing all of the gym’s daily activities to ensuring cleanliness in the gym, getting sales enrolment done to purchasing inventories, etc every major activities are planned and managed by the gym manager. No doubts to tell that a whooping amount of money is paid to a gym manager. Make you gym helps you find one and train one. Being a gym manager is a hard nut to crack but eventually plays a very important role once he gets trained.

These above mentioned opportunities are some of the major that one can opt for. Thus being a trainer is not an only option, but you have plenty of other options that you can choose from.

Author's Bio: 

Karandeep is the Industry Marketing Manager at MYG, and was previously the Head of Conversion Marketing at QC.