Are you also thinking of getting dental implants, because nowadays even after taking full care of your teeth, the loss of teeth is not stopping? And all this leads to decay in the teeth. Dental Implants are one of the best and strongest ways to give a natural look to your teeth. You can get your dental implants without any hesitation. This is the safest and ideal for your teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are done with roots, which provide the same strength as real teeth. Dental implants mean that a frame is surgically placed in your gums, which is located in the lower jaw bone.

How many types of Dental Implants

There are the Two Main Types of Dental Implants:-


Endosteal implants are the most common type adopted by people. In this implant, small screws are inserted inside the jaw bone and this screw is made from a metal like titanium which is safe for the human body.

After the screw is tightened in the jaw bone, the teeth are placed in it and many teeth can be supported by One implant. It looks just like your natural teeth.


This implant is used in very rare cases, This type of implantation is used when we do not have a jawbone available to implant the endosteal Because the endosteal implant is done by jawbone only. Subperiosteal implants are drilled above the jawbone and are placed on the upper bone of the tooth. It also looks just like your natural teeth As in Endostele.

There is not a huge difference between these two implantations, just because there is no bone in the jawbone, this process is adopted. Otherwise, both implantation gives the same look.

Some Advantages of Dental Implants

Here are some several advantages of Dental Implants given below:-

Gives you embellish Personality:-

Even after getting a dental implant, you will feel that it is your real tooth, And this is because they are attached to the jawbone bone.

Speak with a Confidant:-

When you use dentures, your teeth slip due to their not fitting properly, which does not give you confidence in speaking. But after dental implants, you can speak with full confidence.

Can eat/chew comfortably:-

Even after getting dentures, you are not able to eat well because it slips again and again and gives you trouble in eating food. And after dental implants, they work just like your own teeth, with the help of which you can chew and eat anything very easily.

Maintain your Oral Hygiene and Health:-

You don’t need your original teeth removed while getting a dental implant and because of your original teeth you have to maintain oral health. And secondly, you can also clean the dental implant which maintains your oral hygiene.

Give You a Comfort Zone like your own teeth:-

After implantation, they become a part of your mouth and you do not even have the fear of slipping out which gives you a different comfort zone.

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