Law of Attraction is always at work, but we often contradict its ability to assist us the way we’d prefer. Here are two ways we do this and what we can do about it.

Ernest Holmes had this to day about laws of physics, Law of Attraction, and similar means: “We do not create laws and principles, but discover and make use of them. Let us accept this position relative to the laws of Mind and Spirit and see what we can do with them, rather than how we may contradict their existence.” Without realizing it, we contradict their existence by Omission and Commission.

Omission: Most of us are not exposed to the laws of Mind and Spirit until long after we’ve been conditioned by and into the general mindset. That is, we are indoctrinated into beliefs about what reality is from the Mind of Man perspective instead of Mind of Spirit. The general mindset does not consider such laws and principles part of what constitutes reality. We may not be conscious of them, but they are, by their natures, subject to our thoughts. This is why it’s such a challenge to experience them fully, in the ways we desire that is, even after we know about them. Even once we know about them, we don’t, or we irregularly, put them into practice.

Commission: Whether we know about these laws and principles or not, thinking the same negative thoughts over and over will eventually, or more often than we’d like, cause what we think about to show up as our experience. Or, one thought with a huge emotional surge attached to it can have the same result. This works the same for positive thoughts. It is commission to choose negative thoughts over positive ones. This suggestion may seem simplistic, but it works: if a negative thought pops up—or I should say when—say, “Cancel, cancel;” then think the thought you truly want to have and hold, one that doesn’t infringe on anyone, and contributes to the highest good of all involved.

It’s imperative to keep in mind how what you keep in your mind influences how you use Law of Attraction, deliberately or not. Consider the words of two great men of the last century. Earl Nightengale wrote that the strangest secret is, “You become what you think about most of the time.” You can also swap the word become for get. Napoleon Hill said this about the Law of Success: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.” The thing to realize about Hill’s statement is that we may assign only one meaning to the word achieve. Let’s reword his statement, without altering its meaning, and see what happens: Whatever the mind of man can imagine (think), either positive or negative, and convince itself to believe (consider as a fact rather than an opinion or hold as a belief despite what the truth might really be), it can pull into the person’s life as an experience or make happen. Law of Attraction, subject to our thoughts, is always at work.

Energy and Attitude: It’ll help you to understand something about energy. This brief and simple explanation isn’t a judgment about higher or lower, just an example.

Say your metaphysical energy is on the slow side (Mindset of Man). It may take months or years for the result of a thought backed by an emotional surge, or the same thought repeated over time, to show up as your experience. If you think about how many negative thoughts you entertain, you may feel relief that you’ve been a bit slow energy-wise. If you think about how often your negative thoughts contradict your positive ones, you can see why your experiences don’t shift the way you’d like. If your energy were faster (Mindset of Spirit), you’d often experience having a thought and appearance of the result either instantly, darn near instantly, or within what you’d feel or know was an acceptable amount of time.

The dilemma is that if you raise your energy but are still challenged by negative thinking, you’ll likely find you create situations you don’t want and didn’t mean to. The ideal “formula” is to raise your energy and manage your thoughts simultaneously. You can do both by expanding your conscious awareness and by choosing a positive or Mind of Spirit perspective as often as possible or eventually, for those times it doesn’t feel possible to do this initially. Sometimes, the best thought for certain situations is, “There’s more to this than I know or see, so I choose to trust.” There are nuances to all of this that are learned through experience and observation.

Attitude, which has all to do with mindset, plays a strong role. Lack and abundance, poverty and prosperity are experienced, but they are not things; they are attitudes, mindsets. It’s the same for any contrast we experience. If we truly grasped this, we’d step into more of the personal power and influence regarding our experiences that we seek, but especially affect how we perceive our experiences. It’s as the other Holmes – Sherlock – says, “You see, but you do not observe.”

We tend to look at life from the ego mindset of man, which is limited because of its beliefs about reality and how it works. We can observe life from the Mindset of Spirit instead and become aware of what reality really is: a grand illusion we help create and have more influence on than we recognize and take ownership of.

All shifts, to be lasting and effective, must happen within you. They must be felt, must become part of who you choose to be. You can’t fake it ‘till you make it. Change must happen on the inside; otherwise, you frustrate yourself by trying to behave one way while being another. Comprehension is needed. Comprehension comes from observation and asking better and deeper questions. Comprehension leads you out of contradiction. Rather than judge so quickly, seek to comprehend. Judgment, which is opinion, blocks. Correct perception and judgment (opinion) cannot occupy the same space.

Begin to notice your attitudes, which reveal your mindset. Begin to observe rather than just see. Begin to use what you know ahead of time rather than after you mis-create. Pay attention to when you’re influenced by the Mindset of Man rather than of Spirit and your unique expression of it. Put this into practice and you’ll gradually notice ways you contradict the spiritual laws and principles, and begin to shift this. Law of Attraction, subject to your thoughts, will respond in kind… as it does to your contradictions. Choose to infuse yourself with wisdom gained from observation and trust, and grace gleaned from genuine and broader understanding.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

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