“Two Secrets of Success: Repetition & Review for 2014.”
• 1. Me: “We got 452 emails about “Thymus & Spleen THUMPING”. They remembered TARZAN of the Apes and his Thymus Thumping in the movies & TV.”

• 2. You: “I remember one thing about it, besides TARZAN.
I have NO idea of the Location of my Thymus or Spleen. Could you, would you explain – again.”

• 3. Me: “It’s easy as eating apple-pie with chocolate ice-cream. Can you taste the chilled, delicious flavor now?
Can I tell you the benefits of doing 20-seconds of Tarzan’s
Thymus Thumping?”

• 4. You: “Yeah, and why repetition of this exercise is So-o important?”

• 5. Me: “Doing the Tarzan thing makes you healthy 24/7, and scientifically improves your learning-skills & memory. In fact doing it twice a day for 20-30 seconds each, adds maybe 10-years to your longevity.”

• 6. You: “I’m a skeptic, but I’m willing to test it for 5-days. Is that enough?”

• 7. Me: “Yes, and you’ll feel renewed energy the very first day. Your Thymus produces these ‘T-Cells’ for improved immunity health. Thymus is the Main organ of your Lymphatic system.

• First, the Thymus gland is located above and between your two lungs. It produces Lymphocytes – white blood cells that destroy bacteria & viruses. It is the immune system known as the body’s SEWER system.

• It controls Cancer from reproducing when it’s working properly. Carries away dead cells & cellular debris.

• 8. You: “OK, the Thymus gland is Important. So what?”

• 9. Me: “When you signal it by Thumping for half-a-minute,
It doubles (EEG) its production of T-Cells. You get a surge of ENERGY that lasts about 60-minutes.

• Do the Tarzan Thump when you start to peter out. After lunch, and again at 3pm triggers you for improved learning, creativity & memory. It arouses your Mind-Body connection.”

• 10. You: “If I Thump (beat my chest) how do I know I am hitting the right location?”

• 11. Me: “Cross your hands, left-hand striking the right chest and vice-versa. Feel your Collar-Bone. Now above your lungs, at the Upper-Chest cavity. You cannot miss it. Both hands in fists, reversed, and tap hard.

• The thymus gland is very wide so you can hardy miss

• 12. You: “Do I have to make that stupid Tarzan ‘shout’?”

• 13. Me: “Absolutely yes. It adds the power of sound to your sense of touch. One more thing for a 40% energy increase to you Mind-Body connection. Want to know?”

• 14. You: “Sure, if I do this dumb exercise, let’s go all the way.”

• 15. Me: “You must SMILE for the entire 30-seconds during your Thymus Thumping.

• Activate Your facial expressions of Smiling,
trigger your mouth muscles by showing TEETH. Now start squinting your eyes by creating ‘crow’s feet’ on the sides of each eye, improve your Heart-Rhythm, and Diaphragmatic Breathing.
• More oxygen & glucose produces extra energy to all your cells. You’re energized instead of being tired & stressed.”

• 16. You: “Is that it, doing for half-a-minute twice-daily?”

• 17. Me: “You can repeat this is any time you need an energy upgrade fix. Do it before anything important like an exam, an interview, presentation, or meeting new people.
You’re energized for 90-minutes.

• There is one more exercise, but that only for Brainiacs. Not because it’s hard, but it takes another half-minute.
It’s called the ‘Spleen Thump’.

• Exactly the same but LOWER – just under the RIB cage. For women it’s located just under their breasts. Go to the Sternum (breastbone) between the 7th and 8th ribs.”

• 18. You: “If you gotta, tell me the benefits.”

• 19. Me: “Fights infection, removes toxins (poisons), metabolizes food to turn it into Glucose (energy). Improves blood chemistry and hormones flow. Increases a immediate FLOW of energy to your body.”

• Do the Tarzan yell and Thump. Half-a-minute does it.

See ya, “The faster you learn, the more you EARN.”
“You SNOOZE, you lose.”

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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