When it comes to dating there is always this question trending: How do I date someone?

Regardless of age, sex and race we all need to date before any commitment to a relationship. The first step is to ask ourselves why do we want o date someone. There are many answers and reasons why we want to date;

- Fill up that emptiness in our lives by finding the right person.
- We date because we want to show others we still got it.
- We date because it looks better in front of others.
- We just want to get into a casual relationship.
- We want to keep dating until the right person appears.
- We love to date because its fun and addictive.

And of course there maybe many other reasons. When we understand the root reason of why we want to date someone, then we can better answer the first question of how.
1.Where to meet someone to date? How to find a date?

- At work.

According to surveys, more than 65% of people meet their future partner and or love relationship at the place they work. This is not surprising as we all spend more than 60% of our awake time at work. In some professions, this matter can hurt your career and cause stir up in work place. It sounds not proper to casually date your co-worker as you know one day, it will casually end and what happens then? Keep the office dating only if you know for sure that is the person you want to be with permanently.

- On the street.

Driving to or from work either with public transportation or your personal car is the best way of looking for possible dates. If you see a person that interests you, there is no rule against not asking the person out for a date.

- Clubs, bars and restaurants.

it sounds cliche, but bars, clubs and restaurants can be a good place to see and be seen. Whether looking for a casual date or that special person, these places can offer plenty of fish in the sea.

- Special events like, weddings and birthdays.

Special gatherings and events are very common for two people to meet and informally get to know each other. It is a best step to ask someone out on a date when you already met him or her in these events and got to know them a little.

- Internet dating.

Internet is a trending way of dating people for many individuals. Yes, the risk is high and maybe the guy or girl behind that cute picture is not really him or her. But there are many reputable dating sites that offer security of mind and claim many successful matchmaking.

- Speed dating.

You can find special ads and relative venues that offer speed dating. This sort of dating is not uncommon and usually happens in big cities for busy professionals to meet and mingle. You might score and find that person of your interest and ask them for a real date in this special speed dating.

- Blind date.

Blind date is usually when friends or family are playing a matchmaker and invite both parties to meet as they see them fit together. Blind dating since you haven’t select your person of interest is among the hit and miss cases.

- Odd leaning classes.

The opportunity to meet a potential person worthy of date is unlimited and can even be those learning classes such as cooking classes, wine and coffee tasting and or even in libraries and language lessons.

- Professional Matchmakers.

Hiring a matchmaker is a trending fast and these professionals are playing a virtual role of an Internet dating site but taking and meeting with you in person. These professional devote their time and passion into helping others find love and relationship. They meet with you either in your discrete place of privacy or invite you to their professional office to discuss your interests in another person. The matchmakers sometimes invite their clients to matchmaking mixer, which is a private small gathering to mingle and find interesting singles.

2.How do we select our date? Who to date?

- Physical attraction.

The first thing that attracts two human toward each other is physical. Every individual has certain standard for physical fantasy and attraction. Eyes are the first thing you notice and it is from the eyes they say you can open the door to the heart. But not to sound to romantic, many have different standard and different physics, which attracts them the first. This again falls under the reason of why you are looking to date someone.

- Intellectual attraction.

When you past the physical test, it is time to start and walk up to the person you are attracted to. Here are the keys:


“Being true and genuine”

“Politeness and courteous”

The above three are the basic triangle of successful approach. Many find approaching someone and asking them on a date a big challenge. The true reason that many find the approach difficult is that they are not afraid of the approach itself but the thought of rejection. So they start being shaky and losing their confidence, trying to act as someone else and duplicate another person character and consequently not being true and genuine even if the original intention was. The important thing is that the three golden triangle rules above are all about being truly yourself.

Now that we have the psychology boost of confidence and believe in ourselves, it is time to politely approach the person of interest that you found attractive and start a genuine conversation.

It is that small talk and conversation that you really know that is a person worthy to ask on a date. Imagine you find that person extremely attractive physically and approach him or her and start a conversation, but the first sentence making the conversation is dull and off subject. You know then you need to move on.

- Likes and dislikes.

The first conversation leads to understand the likes and dislikes between the two of you. Discuss about many topics like meal, place of hangout and even favorite sport team. The more you discover about the mutual interest, it is more assuring that you are going to ask the final verdict of going on a date.

- Attitude.

Character and attitude can be visible during the first impression and first few sentences. You have a certain attitude that can only attract certain people to you. Going back to the golden triangle rule of being genuine, you need to show your true attitude and truly understand the level of attraction the other person has for you.

One of the most important misconceptions of dating someone is to follow regulation. There is no guidelines but the three golden rules and respecting the person you are going on date.

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