Parents today multitask like superheroes. Well, we all know the hardships behind this ‘Parent’ tag and how difficult it is to tackle a child. Ahem! Children in this case! You have two kids, right? And right now, you are reading this post to understand how to efficiently manage both of them together. (Hopefully without much pain!)

Best parenting tips to manage a toddler and infant together!

You thought of gifting your firstborn a sibling. Great! And now you have to deal with both of them perfectly well with undivided attention. Wondering how you would do this? Just read on.

1. Enrol the toddler in a preschool — Your toddler will be ready for kindergarten by next year. Of course, you’ll be required to train the kid for that stage. And when the toddler is at home and watches you feed or cuddle a baby -- the kid may throw major tantrums or feel left out. So, in such a case, an early learning centre in Melbourne like Kids & Co seems a God sent option. They are the best centre in the city for kids and tend to care for your child a lot. They also look after their education. So, you can relax, the kid is in safe hands. The child would be busy for some hours and you’ll get some time to manage the baby. Additionally, your child also plays and gets pally with other kids. This helps the child in embracing this new feeling of welcoming someone new to her/his life -- being a big brother or sister.

2. Create a proper schedule (at least try it) — With an infant at home, it’s very difficult to create a schedule and maintain it. Well, the baby has his/her own time of waking up, sleeping, and burping! But you will at least be able to manage half of the time between these two children and divide your time properly amongst the two if you plan a workable routine! Remember, the first child shouldn’t ever be felt left out at the arrival of a second one.

3. Coordinate their activities — It is very important that you coordinate the activities of both your children together. This makes your task easier and also increases the bond between the siblings. The best examples of coordination of their activities are taking the toddler for a play in the park and the infant for a walk in a pram/stroller together or making them nap together.

4. Create a toddler’s play area — If your toddler seems too handful to manage, deal with tact. Just ensure to keep the toddler busier in fun activities by creating a nice play area for the little one. But remember, you’ll have to spend quality time with the child here (with or without the baby.)

Well, parenting one kid is almost like lifting a mountain. You are going to do double duty. God bless and help you in lifting two mountains together and still maintain your calm. Well, actually, that’s what parenting is and it’s awesome! But we are sure you already know it and are feeling blessed to have a beautiful family.

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