Prostatitis is a common disease in males. At present, the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of modern medicine are not very clear.

Why are men afraid of prostatitis?

1. Cause male infertility

The diagnostic criteria of bacterial prostatitis are laboratory tests for leukocyte elevation and positive bacterial culture in blood or urine. If your urethra is contaminated with bacteria, sperm comes out of this polluted bacterial urethra and is "contaminated.".

There are no bacteria in nonbacterial prostatitis. But the main reason for infertility is that prostatitis can enhance the immune response of the body and phagocytosis of inflammatory cells, produce sperm antibodies that damage sperm, lead to sperm coagulation damage, loss of vitality, and reduce sperm quality.

Simultaneously, inflammation may enter into sperm cells, change sperm motility and movement, and even lead to sperm deformity. In short, prostatitis can reduce semen quality, which is the leading cause of infertility in men.

2. Influence sex

Some studies have shown that 49% of patients with chronic prostatitis will have sexual dysfunction, 26% of them will have early ejaculation symptoms, and 15% will have erectile dysfunction. 7% of patients will have both symptoms at the same time.

The prostate is the "valve" that controls ejaculation. If the valve is inflamed, the valve will not open and close as usual. When being stimulated, it will be allergic and congested due to stimulation. When you have a sexual impulse, you can't control it, and the time becomes shorter.

Also, in the sexual life, it may cause the female's complaint and the psychological hint of the males due to the short time of several times. It will increase psychological pressure and cause more severe phenomena, which will seriously affect sexual life.

Prostatitis can be cured by active treatment. The traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice, especially for the common nonbacterial prostatitis.

Besides, two habits and three foods can help recover faster.

Habit 1: exercise more

First of all, sedentary is the most harmful to the prostate. So officers and drivers who often sit should stand up to activity at least 10 minutes every time 40 minutes. Exercise is of great help to strengthen the body and prevent many diseases, especially for men.

To a large extent, prostatitis is caused by the obstruction of lower body meridians, so males had better do more lower body exercise, such as swimming, running, and so on. As the saying goes, life lies in sports, so persist this habit.

Habit 2: drink plenty of water

Water is the source of life. Drinking water can promote metabolism, help excretion, discharge a variety of body garbage toxins. Drinking more water can dilute the blood and effectively dilute the concentration of urine, which is also helpful for the adjuvant treatment of prostatitis.

With the increasing pressure on males, they don't even have time to drink water. In any case, they should continue the good habit of drinking more water.

Food 1: black beans

Black beans have the highest nutritional value among all beans, especially the protein content, which is more than ten times higher than meat, eggs, and milk. In particular, black beans contain eight kinds of amino acids needed by the human body. Men often eat black beans can improve protein nutrients and enhance immunity and have a perfect protective effect on the prostate.

Food 2: pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed is also a kind of nut snack that men can eat frequently. Because the function of prostate hormone secretion depends on fatty acids, and pumpkin seed is rich in fatty acids, making the prostate maintain good function. So eating more pumpkin seed has a perfect protective effect on the prostate.

Food 3: apples

Eating more apples can assist in the treatment of prostatitis. The zinc in apples can improve the zinc deficiency of patients. Compared with medicine, apples are healthier. So males must eat more apples. Also, apples can enhance immunity, prevent colds and cancer.

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