A holiday is one of the few events that most people can look forward to over the next year. it is a time of relaxation and leaving behind the problems that come with living in this information age. That is why your choice of a destination is a very important decision. It is therefore important that one is aware of as many options as possible. This article shall briefly describe three wonderful destinations where guests are sure to thoroughly enjoy their holiday and feel rejuvenated upon returning to their homes. These two destinations are Beijing in China and Antelope Park in Zimbabwe.

Beijing china is a fascinating place to visit. This city epitomizes the rise of china. China is said to become the largest economy on earth in a couple of decades. This city is being built on a massive scale. There are grand malls being erected in many parts of this growing super city. This place is a shopper’s paradise. Many global brands have flocked here to profit from the booming Chinese middle class. Another obvious reason to visit this city is because of their famous Chinese food. There is no better place to experience the best of the best Chinese food chefs than in Beijing China. Beijing also has an Ancient culture surrounding it therefore guests can enjoy cultural and spiritual experiences such as Confucian inspired meditations, acupunctural healing sessions and ancient healing spa treatments.

Antelope park in Zimbabwe is a place like no other on earth. This place’s primary objective is the conservation of the African lion. However, they do it in a very sustainable way. Guests to this place are in for a treat. They have very comfortable rooms on the shores of a river. They have a great Chef with an equally great team, so the food is perfect every time. The activities consist of activities such as sunset booze cruises and game drives. What separates this place from the many other safari resorts is there and makes it a magical and unforgettable experience is their activities of close interaction with two of Africa’s giants. They are the mighty African elephant and the mighty African lion.
Here guests actually get to “walk with lions” and go on “elephant back safari” to view the bush. Guests report that walking with lions is one of the most life changing experiences they have had.

Both destinations are polar opposites when it comes to what place has to offer. In China guests get to enjoy the architectural beauty of a rising power, plus great cuisine and ancient culture that has a rich history. However, in Antelope Park in Zimbabwe guests get the opportunity to connect with nature. Both these holidays are therapeutic and guests are sure to enjoy a great holiday. It would be recommendable to anyone who wants close experiences with wildlife to visit Antelope Park in Zimbabwe.

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