An African safari is a wonderful way to spend a holiday. Africa is a splendid destination where guests leave the continent with a new appreciation of nature and their own place within nature. Perhaps it is because Africa is a vast and ancient continent or perhaps it is because the human story began on the continent but many visitors say that a holiday here satisfies a primitive longing “to return home”. One of the biggest attractions that make visitors from all over the world flock to this destination is seeing the wildlife. African is home to great animals such as the Big Five (these are the rhino, African elephant, African lion, leopard and the Cape buffalo). These are the most dangerous animals that guests will encounter in the African bush on a safari. Although the Big Five are certainly great animals, the article shall briefly describe two great predators, that are not part of the Big Five, that lucky guests to Africa will see on their holiday. These two animals are the spotted hyena and the African wild dog.

The spotted hyena is a great predator that hunts and often steals the kills of other animals such as lions and leopards. Through intimidation and large numbers, they can drive off other predators. This animal is a remarkably intelligent animal. Although they are relatively small compared to some other African creatures, hyenas are the most common carnivore in Africa. Females are about three times larger than males, have more muscle mass and are more aggressive due to an excess of testosterone in their bodies. The hyena pack will tend to hunt for food as a group and the hyena is exceptionally strong jaws in relation to the body size of the animal. This is truly a great predator to see during an African safari.

The African wild dog is also a very fascinating animal. These dogs were once almost hunted into extinction but through successful conservation efforts, their populations are increasing. These predators have the highest success rates in hunting of all the other predators in Africa including the African lion. When the wild dogs hunt the basically chase their prey down over long distances until the prey becomes too tired to continue fleeing. The tired animal is forced to face their hungry enemy. The odds are very much against the prey. They are often eaten alive by the pack of wild dogs in a brutal way.

In conclusion, guests should go on a safari holiday. They are sure to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. An African safari holiday is the perfect way to escape and be amongst the world’s greatest wildlife.

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