Approximately 80% of people are working from home due to Covid-19 crisis. You spend the whole day in your home office, sitting at the PC in an uncomfortable home chair. Sitting too long and with an incorrect posture lead to severe back pain.
Dr. Winifred Bragg shares two simple exercises without equipment that stabilizes the back and effectively reduces pain.
·         Swivel Chairs for Everyone: Keep your chair a little way from your desk. Sit straight and don't forget to cross your legs loosely & straighten your upper body. Depending on which leg is up, place the corresponding hand on the inside of the knee, press loosely against it and turn the upper body back as far as possible in the direction of the hanging arm on the other side of the body.  Remain in this position for a few minutes and breathe steadily. Slowly turn back and cross your legs to the other side. Repeat the exercise daily once a day.
·         Shoulder Circling and Stretching: For this exercise, you can stand or sit upright. Bend your arms loosely, your fingertips should touch your shoulders. Now slowly pull your shoulders back, straighten your upper part of the body. Breathe in, rotating your arms loosely and slowly in a forward direction. First do this slowly, then repeat faster.
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