Africa is beautiful continent. An African safari holiday is a holiday like no other. Guests to this destination are sure to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The continent is vast, ancient and home to abundant and diverse wildlife. A visit here consists of intimate, fascinating experiences amongst great wildlife. The continent is also home to awe-inspiring spectacles such as the Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) and the great wildebeest migration at the Serengeti in Tanzania. This article shall briefly describe two extremely dangerous predators that guests are sure to encounter when they go on an African safari holiday. These two dangerous predators are the African lion and the leopard.

The leopard is a beautiful big cat. They live a life of solitude unlike the African lion. This big cat is extremely elusive and is the master of blending into its surroundings. Guests to Africa could literally be a couple of meters away from a leopard without ever realizing that the leopard is even there. Leopards are excellent tree climbers. They are as much at home in the trees as they are on their ground. They love being in the trees as the trees offer a safe place from other predators such as hyenas and lions. This powerful big cat easily climbs up big trees carrying large prey such as kudus or other antelopes. This is truly a dangerous predator to see during an African safari holiday.

The African lion needs no introduction. This great beast is known as “the King of the jungle”. These beautiful cats rule their kingdom supremely. There is nothing quite like seeing these great animal in their natural environment in the African savannah. African lions live in groups called a pride. They are highly social animals that live in prides that are headed by male lions. The male lions have the role of protecting the whole pride from other male lions and hyenas that can sometimes outnumber the lions. The female lions usually do all the hunting. They have the role of hunting and providing for the whole pride. This is also a very fascinating and dangerous predator to see during an African safari holiday.

In conclusion, guests should step out of their comfort zone and visit Africa on a safari holiday. In Africa all the wildlife roams free and are not caged. Here guests will be amongst abundant and diverse animals including the African lion and leopard. Visitors are sure to return home with a positive new appreciation for nature and their own place within nature.

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