Social media, just like other tools, can be useful or damaging. Unlike most tools, however, this internet platform is designed in a way to make you addicted to them, many things make parents and many psychologists. Recently people have become more aware of potentially addictive aspects of people like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
, and has demanded that these platforms apply features that will encourage - or even force users to Take the time in a while.

However, the break can only do many things, and they don't always discuss some greater problems, especially in terms of disturbing notice. That's what makes Twitter's latest acquisition is very interesting
, because it presents the opportunity to make push notifications more relevant to the interest of users without violating their privacy by peering on their tweets and the people they follow.

A disturbing notice is not a social media mistake. They have been around since dawn smartphones
, which deliver the notification system into our daily lives. Before the smartphone, our cellphone will only bother us through calls and SMS. At present, most applications can send notifications, even those who do not have a business interfere with your stream.

The social networking
application is very bad when it comes to this problem because of the number of user updates in your social circle every day. Like Twitter and Facebook offers control to limit the warning, but they are often still lacking. For example, you can limit notifications so you just get about close friends, but those friends may still be too active for your taste. Or, you can also limit notifications from certain people, but it requires notifications that deactivate or enable per user, which can take a long time.

A company called Openback offers Push notification management management device that filters notification to only the user will pay attention. This means that, at least in theory, users will only get the notifications that they really care about, get rid of all the disruption recommendations, warnings about people who might not follow, and other unwanted messages.

In today's announcement, Twitter revealed that he had obtained options, which will be closed on April 19. The company's technology will give Twitter a big advantage over its competitors, at least so far concerning push notifications. It has even been suggested that Twitter can make a completely new timeline filled with only notification users who tend to care, different from the schedule "home" and "newest" which includes all tweets, only in different order.

Other important details about Openback Integration to Twitter are privacy. The first side of the device means that there is no data that needs to be collected and transmitted through the Internet, which always carries the risk of security violations and privacy
. How Twitter will apply and respect this privacy measures must still be seen, but it will not be surprising if the company finds a way to monetize this, especially with partners who might be willing to pay large quantities to get their notifications.

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deepak singh