One fun thing to do on Twitter is to keep track of your favorite celebrities. There are plenty of pages that are dedicated to celebrities on Twitter and many of them are legitimate links to the world’s superstars, but not all of them are. It can be an extremely fun and interesting pastime if you are following the actual tweets of your role model, favorite band, or your favorite actor. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

How to Tell if a Celebrity Page is Legitimate

True celebrity accounts will have a verified symbol (a white check in a blue cloud) next to their name. None of the fan pages or impersonator pages will have this symbol. This verified badge is your assurance that the celebrity you are following is for real.

Otherwise, check the listed website and the quality of the profile photo. Sometimes people like to create Twitter pages and link to a website that they have created in order to drive traffic to their URL. If the website link provided is not the official website, that is another sign that the Twitter account is not legitimate.

3 Helpful Twitter Apps for Following Celebrities

Celebirdies is a Twitter app that works along with TwitPic to gather and organize information about a number of different celebrities. Just choose a celebrity and view all of their information, including information about who they happen to be following.

Celebrities that Twitter is another tool that provides a scrolling collection of tweets from celebrities. Links to each individual’s celebrity page are also provided. In addition to this, the site offers an HTML-based widget that you can embed on your website if you want to display the feed.

RaveRants is a Twitter app that makes it easy to find out what people are saying about celebrities, movies, shows, sports teams, and more. This service grabs the positive and negative tweets about your search and gives an overall percentage stating whether most people have tweeted positively or negatively about a celebrity or whatever you are searching. You can find out how many people agree or disagree with you and there is a link that directs you back to Twitter itself so you can add your rant or rave.

Who to Follow

If you want to follow the trends, more than 6 million people follow Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), and Britney Spears (@britneyspears). More than 7 million people follow Lady Gaga (@ladygaga). There is nothing wrong with just following your own favorites, even if they don’t have a record-breaking following.

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