One of the most popular browsers web surfers use is Mozilla’s Firefox, and many of the people who use it also use Twitter frequently. Fans of the browser can benefit from various Twitter tools available for use with this popular browser. Check out these applications that you can install and use with Firefox.

• Twitbin is a Twitter tool that allows users to send and receive messages directly from the Firefox sidebar. You can view your public or private tweets as well as @replies and direct messages with this free extension.

• TwitterFox is a browser extension that displays a small icon on the status bar whenever friends post tweets. It also allows you to update your social media account directly from Firefox.

• Friendbar is a streaming display that shows friends’ updates from Twitter and FaceBook. Users can view both text and photo updates as well as tweet and reply from the browser toolbar.

• TwitKit is a sidebar that is comprised of six tabbed sections which display separate content. The different feeds available include the main Twitter feed, your user feed, friend feeds, your followers, @replies, and statistics regarding your account. TwitKit has several different settings, including color scheme options.

• Twitterlines is another one of the Twitter tools that displays your friends’ tweets within the browser and allows you to update your social media status directly from there.

• Speedsy is a browser extension that provides live updates for Twitter, Facebook, Google Wave, Gmail, and a number of other websites and social media or social bookmarking accounts.

• Twixxer is a photo and video sharing application for Twitter that allows users to view media directly within updates. Firefox users with the Greasemonkey add-on can install a script that allows users to see the thumbnail images of tweeted photos and watch tweeted videos on without having to leave the feed.

Mozilla Firefox is a free download that is easy to use with any of these convenient Twitter tools. All of these browser extensions are free of charge, designed to work exclusively with this browser.

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