Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have to admit that I am extremely edgy with regards to preparing this speech, since no one wants to take the place.

People say that being requested to be a best man can be quite similar to having the privilege to make love to the Queen Mother-a great honor. In spite of that, not everybody would like to do it .

Joking aside, I would really like to show appreciation to ( TWIN GROOM ) for giving me the opportunity to be the best man today, it truly is an honor to be sought after and a satisfaction to fulfill the title. Furthermore, I would like to say thank you to both you and (BRIDE), for giving me a very exceptional present.

I would also like to acknowledge (TWIN GROOM) and (BRIDE) in behalf of these lovely bridesmaids for their uplifting compliments and presents. (Names of the bridesmaids) absolutely look stunning and I’m positive you’ll all agree with me. They have accomplished their roles very well.

It's customary for best men to use their wedding speeches to share how and when they have been acquainted with the groom. However, my speech is what you'll call, a twin brother of the groom wedding speech. Considerably, needless to say that (GROOM) and I initially ran into each other by the time we shared a womb, back in (BIRTHDAY).

More or less we got on well as tummy buddies. In spite of that, I feel that one fight lead (GROOM) in making a decision to move out too early to get away from me. As you can imagine I missed him instantly. So after a couple of minutes, I chose to follow him in this world. Those several months equipped us well for the valuable time we experienced to share another room years later; the moment (GROOM) permitted me to stay in his flat when I was in search of an apartment in London. The place was too compact, (GROOM) discovered that he could wash up, cook, shower, shave, answer the phone, and use the toilet without having the need to walk away from his bed. Despite the fact that we are twins, I still consider (GROOM) as my older brother, both in age (albeit by 3 minutes) as well as in terms of waistline.

Marriage is a really serious commitment and shouldn’t be planned carelessly and at thirteen stone, (GROOM) undoubtedly isn’t doing that. Seriously, I should use this chance to expose to everyone, ( GROOM’s ) past mischief, unluckily I have played a major part in almost all of these mishaps. Being twins, we’ve consistently been joint culprits and co-conspirators. Through unveiling everything (GROOM) has done, I would definitely be tarnishing myself and I don’t want to mar my excellent reputation. Generally speaking though, what I am going to point out is, during our time at college- when both of us were in the capital, I was considerably less a brother yet more like a mommy to him:

I witnessed him gulp down from a bottle

I saw him stroll around in his birthday suit

I caught him crawling

I’ve dressed as well as undressed him

Scrubbed him

And more than once supported him to walk

Instead I’ll chit chat about of ( GROOM’s ) ultimate achievement. You don't need to worry, it's not going to be a long speech!

His utmost achievement has to be marrying (BRIDE). (GROOM), you are an extremely lucky man, you have married someone who’s caring , smart , beautiful , and kind-hearted. She ought to have a good husband. Good job you betrothed her before she found one! Just kidding.

Being the best man, my additional obligation today was taking care of the wedding rings. I had been a little troubled earlier regarding giving the ring over for (BRIDE), for the fear of, at any time she'll be taking it off and placing it in her jewelry box. Which I do know has, on at least on one event, after an exceptionally grand night out, functioned as an efficient container for (GROOM) to throw-up in.

My advice to (GROOM), the answer to an everlasting marriage is to make sure to utilize these 3 magical words: ”You’re correct dear.”

Seriously though (GROOM), the entire family is definitely proud of you, you've successfully met and fell in love with someone one-of-a-kind and I do believe that you and (BRIDE) is the best example of an ideal couple . Your soon-to-be wife continues to be an amazing friend to me over the past years and I’m very pleased to have acquired such a remarkable sister-in- law. Regarding (GROOM), surely it’s difficult to sum up the number of years I’ve known him in a five-minute speech. So what on earth do I want to say? That through the years he continues to be the very best anyone would wish for in a brother and in a best friend. I’d be happy to bless them both the customary, Best man’s wish of good health, good luck, and unending supply of happiness.

In addition, I wish them both a superb honeymoon which I am aforesaid is the period between 'I DO’ and 'YOU BETTER’


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