Internet marketing, admittedly, can be tough. If a person is unsure how to successfully navigate the industry and avoid common pitfalls, this is especially true. The most common fatal mistakes in Internet marketing often involve people blindly following individuals that purport to be or who are considered to be “gurus” and not having an adequate amount of capital for the first six months of an Internet marketing endeavor. Laziness and trying to do too many things at once can also lead to IM failure.

In this last part of this series, I will list and discuss the final 4 of the 12 most common Internet marketing pitfalls. They include trying to do everything alone, paying a ton of money for IM products or to Internet marketing companies, putting too much effort into Pay-Per-Click ads and not utilizing free, advertising tactics. We’ll go into more detail below.

9. Trying to do everything alone: This not cost-effective. Many people believe that doing everything them-selves will allow them to save money. The truth is, time is money and the more time a person spends on mundane tasks, the less money they are able to make. Doing everything also quickly becomes tiresome and overwhelming. It is often a good idea to outsource at least some of one’s IM duties.

10. Paying thousands of dollars to IM products or IM marketing company: Investing money in a few quality, Internet marketing products or program is a much wiser use of ones time and money than buying every new eBook or course cranked out by the so-called gurus. It also beats paying an IM marketing company thousands of dollars to do what an individual can do for themselves.

11. Putting too much effort in Pay Per Click ads: Pay-per-click advertising is very competitive and can be very expensive. If a person doesn’t know what they are doing, they stand to lose a lot of money. For those who wish to utilize the advertising medium, it is extremely important that they track their results thoroughly.

12. Not utilizing free advertising tactics: There are plenty of free ways to advertise. Some of the most notable (and profitable) include article marketing, press release distribution, social networking, blog and forum marketing and free classified ads.

It doesn’t matter whether a person is only looking to earn extra money at home with an easy home based business or if they are looking to support themselves fully via Internet marketing, the above pitfalls can curtail ones efforts to do either.

It is important in this business to avoid trying to do everything by oneself. It will lead to burnout and will slow down profitability. Paying out thousands of dollars to IM marketing companies and on Internet marketing eBooks and programs is a waste of money as well. Purchasing a few good programs and following a proven system is the way to go. Depending on pay-per-click ads is dangerous as well. They can get costly and the whims of Google make it dangerous to become dependent on this traffic generation method. Failing to take advantage of all of the available, free advertising tactics is another reason why many people don’t make it. They waste their money on expensive and ineffective marketing, only to have nothing to show for it in the end.

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