Online marketing has the potential to pay off quite nicely for those who get involved with it. When a person is able to identify a system that is proven and commits to working that system, they can make a ton of money. Even for those whose sights aren’t so high, a few hours of focused work per week can help them earn extra money at home.

Internet marketing, when done correctly, can dramatically improve a person’s standard of living while allowing them to live a life that is, in a lot of ways, on their terms. They are able to work from home, create their own schedule and hopefully, do something that they enjoy. Unfortunately, far more people fail then succeed. There are many reasons for this.

Starting off with a poor business model or system, is one of the primary reasons people fail and one of the most fatal mistakes in Internet marketing. Failing to work hard and follow through is another. Often times, people start off pretty excited and hopeful. They commit to the process and work hard for about a week or two but then start get a little lazy. This might be because the work seems tedious or they don’t see the results that they anticipated.

In our last article we discussed the first four fatal mistakes on Internet marketing. Today, we will take a look at four more.

Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes: Make These and You’re Toast!

5. Following a false guru
There are no shortages of gurus online. These “gurus” are often people who have written 1 or 2 successful Internet marketing books and are now considered IM geniuses. Unfortunately, even those people who have initially written books that have been helpful and with some substance, many begin to turn out product after product that is a simple rehash of their previous work or whatever is hot in the IM (Internet marketing) community. These “gurus” beautifully package pretty generic Internet marketing information, have their bigwig IM friends push it and make a boatload of money, further solidifying their status as a “guru” amongst those looking to break-in or succeed field.
Now, it is important to find good mentors in IM, just don’t expect the so-called gurus to be it. There are sincere individuals who have a strong desire to really help others. The best mentors offer a great amount of free advice, e. g. video tutorials. A great place to look is Internet marketing forums. The Warrior Forum is a good one. Be on the lookout for those people that consistently make quality contributions to the forum.

6. Not having adequate funds
Not having enough money for the first 6 months to cover the basic running costs of one’s business, e. g. hosting of your blog and studying IM, is another sure-fire way to fail. Individuals must save up enough money to give their business a chance to survive. It may take a while to build up ones marketing machine, and to start earning continuous passive income. However, if a person has a good working model and is committed to the process, they should begin to see profits in pretty short order.
It will probably be necessary for most people to receive some training in the IM field before launching their business. While some of the best IM coaching can be had for free, it is wise to pay for some quality training and coaching.

7. Laziness
Not doing enough can lead to Internet marketing failure. It is crucial to put in extra effort during the first 6-12 months of a person’s online marketing business. You have to consider your IM efforts as a real business. There are no shortcuts or magic buttons.

8. "Micro managing"
Trying to do too many things as well as not focusing and prioritizing can lead to IM failure. Quite frankly, there are so many things to do during the early stages of launching an online business that trying to handle them all oneself, can cause an individual to feel overwhelmed. This can lead to paralysis (not literally but figuratively) and instead of working diligently, a person becomed lazy, which will of course, contribute to their businesses’ failure. A much better approach would be to outsource some of the duties which are hardest or time consuming for a person to take on and complete.


Micro management, laziness, not having adequate funds and following false gurus are all traps that are almost guaranteed to derail a person’s Internet marketing success. Avoiding them can drastically improve a person’s chance of making it online. Knowing what they are is the first step to avoiding them. We’ve now discussed 8 of the 12, fatal mistakes made in Internet marketing. Only 4 more to go!

Stay Tuned for Part 3….

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