Conducting teleseminars, or group learning conference calls, is a very effective strategy to promote your small business or professional practice and create additional streams of income. Teleseminars offer a very versatile and efficient way to deliver your services and build your business.

I have been leading teleseminars for many years as part of my service offerings in my coaching business. I use them to attract new prospects, collaborate with colleagues and partners, and increase my income.

And the good news is that teleseminars are very easy to set up and record once you know how and the profit margins are extremely high.

Here are some ideas to jumpstart your creative thinking for delivering your own seminars over the phone:

1. Giving free teleseminars is a great way to promote your business and let new prospects get to know you. Teleseminars are a great marketing vehicle that helps you attract more clients, build your list, and increase sales.

2. Teleseminars are an excellent way to collaborate and do joint ventures with other people who already have a list in order to gain exposure to new prospects and grow your list.

3. If you're just starting out, you can do interviews with top experts in your niche. Record these interviews and provide them as a bonus in exchange for signing up for your newsletter, or package them as a product.

4. Position yourself as the expert in your field by delivering great content in your specialty area. Teach what you know and love while increasing your visibility and gaining valuable exposure and credibility. This reinforces your brand and gives people a low cost way to get to know you.

5. Attract participants and fill your teleseminars by finding partners to help you with the promotion. Collaborating with partners to offer learning by phone is a very effective and inexpensive way to get more newsletter subscribers and build your list.

6. Have your teleseminars transcribed and offer your clients the opportunity to order a transcript of the call. This can really increase your profits with minimal additional expense for you. You can also add additional sales and marketing materials to the transcript to provide you with opportunities for additional income and exposure.

7. You can make good money from your teleseminars and increase your revenue substantially. Create a program or a series you can charge for, much the same as you would for a workshop series, only this would be over the phone rather than in person, so it saves you travel time and is easier and cheaper to get people to sign up.

8. You can leverage each teleseminar into products and multiple streams of income. Record your teleseminars so you can turn them into an MP3 audio file, a transcript, a CD, a DVD and/or an ebook.

9. Use teleseminars to create an information empire of content - ebooks, workbooks, CD's, products, and multi-media courses. The same information can be repackaged and reproduced in several different media to generate extra income.

10. Include your affiliate programs and live hyperlinks for any sites you have mentioned during the program that are relevant to your topic. Send an automated email out after the class and includes these links so that you can generate affiliate income.

11. The key to profitable teleseminars is that the 'fortune' is in the follow up. You can make 'upsells' after people order your teleseminar. For example, you could offer the transcript as an upsell for a minimal extra charge rather than bundling it in the original price. Or, create a backend program to add to your sales funnel and make much more income than from the one teleseminar alone.

12. You can automate the whole process of promotion, registration, sales, and follow up using your website and autoresponders so that you make much more per hour and use your time more effectively.

So, what are you waiting for? Add teleseminars to your marketing mix today, and start gaining more fame, credibility and income.

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Jan Marie Dore teaches women entrepreneurs and professionals marketing and sales strategies to attract more clients, grow their business, and create profitable new income streams so they can make more money in less time. You can access her free marketing and sales tips and resources at visit