I live in Los Angeles, California. If you know anything about my city you know how gross it is. If you look at it from above you can actually see the layer of smog lingering above. It is absolutely disturbing to think about. There are homeless people on every corner in the city and you can always count on getting whiffs of fowl smells. I love the city, don’t get me wrong, but I hate the condition it is in. I wish everyone could just work together to solve this problem. What if everyone drove an electric car? What if we all walked or rode bike to places within a three-mile destination? I’m a huge supporter of nature and I wish some of my neighbors would do the same.

There are so many ways out there now to save the environment and be naturally. It starts with the car you drive to the food you eat to the energy system you use. Imagine how much more beautiful and reserved our country would be if we all worked together towards these organic goals. There is even a solar energy option out there. That is one of the most logical things I’ve heard. Why everyone hasn’t gone green is beyond me. The food might be a little more costly, but if you are solar you are SAVING. You even get tax breaks! Look up how you can contribute to the cause today. Be the change you want to see in the world.



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