Nothing is as convincing as your own personal experience. That's why before a hypnotist begins working on any change, he performs suggestibility tests, and may even elicit few hypnotic phenomena during the session, which act as convincers. You will never get as convinced that something is possible for you just by reading about someone else's experience, as you will by having the experience yourself.

Whenever you hear or read that someone has accomplished something that you would like to accomplish, you automatically go within and search your memory for any information you have gathered throughout your life, for any experience you have ever had, and based on the information you are aware of, you conclude whether such a thing is possible at all, and more importantly, whether you have what it takes to do it.

Suggestibility tests and convincers in hypnosis are structured in a way that gives you an opportunity to explore the power of your imagination. When you are in hypnosis, you give precedence to your inner world, to the world of your imagination, so if I were to ask you to close your eyes and pretend that you cannot open them, you have a choice. If you choose to rely on the reasoning faculty of your mind, you know that you are fully capable of opening your eyes and you are free to open your eyes at any time you like. However, if you choose to experience a trance state, you allow yourself to play the game of pretending, you pretend that you cannot open your eyes and if you let yourself have fun exploring the realm of your imagination, you will discover that you cannot open your eyes. Then you will know that you are in hypnosis. Trying to open your eyes and discovering that you cannot because you have chosen to play with your imagination, is an example of a convincer that tells you - you are in an optimal state of mind for creating changes in your life through hypnosis.

You can use convincers in your daily life to enter into optimal states of mind where you can accomplish your desired goals faster. Whatever it is that you desire to accomplish in life, it begins in your mind. Changing your life around becomes much easier when you are in a state of mind in which you know that you can do what it takes because your own experience tells you so.

Whatever it is that you desire to accomplish, you can recall a time when you have accomplished if not exactly the same thing, something similar to it, in your past. Hypnosis is like a magnifying glass. Whatever you focus your attention upon, becomes magnified in your experience and it overrides, for a while, your awareness of any other experience.

At any moment in time you can focus on what you know or on what you don't know, on what you can do or on what you cannot do, on the skills and abilities you have already mastered, or on those you know nothing about. Whatever you focus upon will influence your state of mind and your ability to overcome new challenges. You can decide whether it will be hard or easy, whether you will enjoy the process or couldn't wait to get it over with. You can get into any state of mind you choose because you have already experienced doing things in a way that feels natural for you, easy for you, or practically impossible, and you already have lots of experiences where you just couldn't wait to get over with something and others where you have thoroughly enjoyed the process. You can transfer your states of mind from one experience to another, from one area of your life to another.

If you want to dance and you never danced before, you can begin by acknowledging that you can walk, you can use your legs in ways that you have learned how to use them so far. Then you practice easy steps, and you keep on building upon what you have learned until you can perform as well as you desire. In the beginning you may feel as if you have two left feet, but if that is what you choose to focus upon, you will be in a state of mind where learning will be challenging to the point that you may discouraged, frustrated, conclude that you have no talent for dancing and perhaps even give up. You also have a choice to pretend that you were a born dancer, to enjoy the learning process, to feel grateful for any progress you make, to feel good about yourself for the effort you invested in learning something new, and to find it easy to make some progress each day.

If you want to change your financial situation, you have the power to focus on what you have and on what you can do now to change your situation or you can focus upon what you don't have and everything else that may seem to work against you. You can always do something constructive to improve any condition in your life. Whatever you choose to focus upon, you will use as a convincer to determine your next step and your future experience.

If you want to create changes in your body with your mind - either for healing or esthetic purposes - you may begin by acknowledging that some intelligent force has been taking care of your body throughout the years and that your body is constantly undergoing some changes. New cells are constantly replacing the old ones, according to the blueprint in your subconscious mind, in your energy field, in your DNA. And even if this entire process has been unfolding out of your conscious awareness, you can choose to participate and actively influence how will the cells of your body keep on renewing. You can learn how to establish a rapport with your subconscious mind, you can do all sorts of fun experiments that will provide you with a rapid feedback letting you know that what you are doing is working, and you can use your experience as a convincer and a spring board to easily create the changes you desire. If you just try to work on changing your body, merely wishing that you can do it, but without any verifiable experience of your own, you may be constantly plagued with doubts, wondering if you are just deluding yourself and wasting your time, or whether you are truly creating any changes. When you have doubts, you are essentially programming your subconscious with the opposite of what you desire - that is why having your own convincing experiences is important in helping you to create rapid changes.

To help you overcome new challenges you face in your life, you can take a piece of paper and write down all of your past successes and all the reasons why you know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Write down all the skills and resources that you have or are willing to develop; all the actions you are willing to take. That way, when you determination, your faith, your conviction, your endurance get challenged, you will have something to hold onto, something to carry you over the rough spots, because you will have a long list of convincers ready to tell you that you've got what it takes to make it.

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