If you’d like to give art as a gift, then the chances are you truly want to show somebody just how much they mean to you this Christmas, by presenting them with something which is unique and personal. The options for doing this, in the past, revolved mostly around paying high prices for original art, but the fact that you can now put a photo on canvas quickly and easily has opened up the option to absolutely anyone with a digital camera.

The use of a canvas print to decorate the walls of your home is more than just simply an aesthetic choice. Like all art, it will say something about the personality of the person who chose it, and the image which they wish to present to the world. That’s why choosing a piece of art to give to someone else is such a potentially difficult thing to do. The chances of managing to find an image which is exactly right are, to be honest, fairly remote. On top of this is the fact that, even if a mass produced image fits exactly with the other person’s tastes and proclivities, it will be just what the very name implies; mass produced. Therefore, any photos on canvas which you buy from a high street shop or art gallery will be one of many hundreds if not thousands which are hanging on walls the length and breadth of the country. This simple fact means that, no matter how expensive and carefully chosen such a gift is, it’s impact will be negated by the simple fact that it is anything but original, and originality is the key to truly striking art.

There is now, however, a route around this conundrum, and it lies in the way in which digital images can be manipulated, expanded and utilised to make a dazzlingly wide range of objects and gifts. Whilst the idea of making a photo calendar, or something similarly small scale as a personal gift idea is one which has taken off in the last few years, the concept of actually producing personalised, large scale , art work based upon images from your own collection is something which many people still find hard to believe. The truth, however, is that digital photography has made this kind of artistic endeavour not only comparatively easy but also incredibly satisfying. The first choice to be made is that of which image you want to use. The fact that you can use any of the images in your own personal collection means that you’ll be able to find one which is absolutely one hundred per cent perfect for the recipient. You might be choosing a gift for a parent, and know that there’s nothing they’d love more than a full size image of their own children, one which matches the technical standards provided by professional studios, whilst also capturing the fun and spontaneity of a relaxed family snapshot. For another loved one, on the other hand, the perfect gift may well be a dramatic and artful shot which will not only look fantastic, but will be a truly original work of art.

Having chosen the photo on canvas you wish to use, the process will be simplicity itself – simply upload the image in question and then decide on the size and shape of the finished product. The resulting artwork will be one which is a match for anything you could buy from a gallery or art shop, printed on the best quality canvas and mounted onto a sturdy, strong wooden frame in a manner which will last for decades.

Often, the most treasured and moving gifts are personalised Christmas gifts, as they represent an attempt to give a little piece of yourself as well as just a material object. Things like a photo calendar or photos on canvas do precisely this, and that’s why, when people look back in years to come, your gifts will be the ones which they remember with the warmest smile and gladdest heart.

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