The rise of digital photography has resulted in two major side effects. The first of these lies in the vast number of photographs which everyone can now take. Taking, storing and enjoying the pictures is now so easy that people feel free to snap away virtually constantly.

The second revolutionary impact of digital photography is based around the fact that any one of these images can be turned into hugely impressive photo gifts. Personalised photo gifts are a fantastic way of letting someone know you’ve really thought about them and how much they mean to you, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas or an achievement such as graduation from university.

Once upon a time, photo gifts only took the form of copies of the photos themselves, re-printed and given as presents to proud grandparents or doting uncles and aunties. The way in which photographs are now made and stored via electronic means has dramatically widened the range of things which can be produced, so that a simple image can become anything from a mug or a t-shirt to a one off work of art. When choosing a gift for a child, for example, it’s now possible to turn an image of your choice into a jigsaw. What child wouldn’t be delighted to be able to put together a puzzle which, upon completion, reveals an image of themselves, or of a favourite pet, perhaps, or a holiday destination? Jigsaws such as this can be made from any image which you choose, and will be produced to a standard as high as any you could buy in a toyshop or high street retailer, providing a gift which will delight at the time and continue to give pleasure for many years to come.

A custom made jigsaw is only one of the very many personalised photo gifts which can now be designed, ordered and produced by absolutely anyone who owns a digital camera, with a choice which ranges from the small and relatively inexpensive to more lavish gifts at the luxury end of the spectrum. Amongst the more expensive items it is possible to purchase are one off bespoke photo books which serve as a perfect vehicle via which to collect together and show off your favourite images. Printed and put together to the kind of high standard you would normally expect to see lavished upon the work of professional photographers, these books are the perfect way to preserve the memories of events such as holidays or family gatherings as well as making excellent gifts with which to mark events such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays.

A photo gift such as this will move the person receiving it in a way which something merely purchased from a shop wouldn’t be able to do. Even relatively small items such as fridge magnets or mouse mats will have an impact which derives from the fact that they are reflective of the personality of the person who is giving them. Handing over a gift such as this is a way of demonstrating the amount of thought you’ve put into choosing and purchasing that gift. Not many gifts take the form of something which will remind the recipient of you each and every time they look at it, but gifts of this type do exactly that, which is just one of the many reasons why they are unique and uniquely powerful. From coasters to t-shirts, lunch boxes to coffee mugs, the items in question vary widely but they all have one thing in common – they’ll make it clear just how much you really care.

Photo gifts are a unique means via which to give something which is totally unique and absolutely personal. Made to reflect your own personality, or capture that of the person you’re giving them to, personalised photo gifts offer an option which will be better in so many ways than anything you could go and buy off the shelf of a shop.

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