No matter how positive our outlook in life, unpleasant things are going to happen which bring us down. People betray us, hurt us and disappoint us. People attack us with their spiteful words. They misjudge us, take credit for our work or malign us. When we experience this sort of thing in our daily lives, it is very difficult to remain positive. Such actions and feelings produce a very low vibration: a very negative energy.

However, while we cannot stop this sort of thing from happening, we can choose how to react to it.

Option 1:

The natural human reaction is to play into the drama of the situation. If we buy into this, we feel compelled to justify and defend ourselves. If we take on the negative energy, we find ourselves feeling resentful, angry or even vengeful. Unfortunately, this simply magnifies the negativity, and damages us. If you are on a path of self-improvement and growth, your quest will be to raise your vibration to that of unconditional love. If you allow yourself to slip into this negative pattern of drama, you will be undoing all your good work and making yourself feel dreadful in the process.

Option 2:

Alternatively, you can change your perspective and choose to see the situation in a different light. Raise your perspective up above the drama to the highest perspective of the Soul or Higher Self. From the highest perspective, everything is perfect, and everything has a purpose. From the highest perspective, your experience provides a wonderful opportunity to grow and ascend further. Ask yourself what gifts and lessons your soul wanted you to learn from experiencing this; usually you are being shown what not to do! For example, how should a loving person have behaved in that situation? What have you learned from witnessing a bad example? What qualities have you gained by going through that experience? How have you become a better, more loving and less judgemental person yourself?

When you have identified the lessons and gifts, sit quietly with your eyes closed, and feel the energy of your heart. Let the energy expand with every breath. Then let your heart energy expand out of your body and ask that it be connected to the energy of the Universe. Now, ask the Universe to show you that you have finished learning those lessons completely now, and it is unnecessary to keep on learning them from the incident, or from any resentments, grudges or anger you are holding on to. Then ask the Universe to release all people concerned from the obligation of giving you those lessons and gifts. Now, let the energy of the Universe move through your body, cleansing away all the lower vibrations and transforming them. Visualise or imagine it happening, until you see that every cell in your body has become clean and bright. Allow your vibration to rise once again to the vibration of love.

The upsets and hurts of life are still going to come along, but if you deal with them straight away, they will help you on your path, rather than hinder you. If you complete the lessons and then cleanse the lower vibrations from your body, you will bring yourself back to who you truly are as quickly as possible. Only then will you be able to bring that vibration of love into the world again.

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Dr Anne Whitehouse was a University Lecturer before ME changed her direction in life. She came to see that her illness had actually been a gift, and in doing so, regained her health. She is now a speaker, transformational therapist and author of You Are The Alchemist - Transform Your Life. If you are stuck in fear and powerlessness, you can stay where you are, or you can use it as the driving force to turn your life around. Go to to find out how and join Anne online at for discussion and self-help tips.