Bike mounts for cell phones are used extensively to ensure easy usage and security of your phone while riding a bike. These days, most of us have expensive cell phones in our pockets which we buy by spending a lot of money. These phones also provide for a wide range of features with them which are very useful in our daily routines. Features such as fitness apps, GPS systems, calling, text messaging can also be used while riding a bike. So, while buying a cell phone mount for bike keep in mind that it should be strong and flexible in its adjustment.

There are several types of bike mounts for cell phones available in the market; you can choose the one that best suits your bike and your usage requirements.

Pro-Lite Mount

Pro-lite mounts are suitable for mountain and road bike rides. If you are going for Rokform product, they are specially designed with Roklock technology and easy to install to 1/18” with a strong anodized aluminum bolt.

Just have a look at its complete features:

Security: Pro-lite mounts provide for completely secure hang as it is specially designed with aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes its hold strong. Moreover, its twisted lock and magnetic locking system keep your phone completely secure.

Adjustment: Pro-lite mount for bikes is flexible to adjust at any height. Special 2x5mm spacers are there to fit precisely to any type of bike easily.

Special Features: These mounts are light in weight and have a sleek look with good aerodynamics.

Manufacturing: Their manufacturing is done in USA with CNC machines and is hand-assembled in the same country providing the lifetime guarantee to its customers.

Handlebar Mount

If you are a regular bike rider Handlebar Mount best suites your requirements. Hanging your phone at the front while riding a bike makes easy access to your favorite apps like Strava or the playlist of your favorite music. The Rokform mounts are made with special Roklock retention mounting technology.

Just have a look at its complete features:

Easy Installation: These are easy to install and has a simple adjustable strap to move it to anywhere between the two handlebars. Similarly, to pull it off simply push the locking lever and twist to unlock.

Security: Rokform handlebar bike mounts are specially designed with Roklock retention technology to make more secure and strong to care for your cell phone while you are riding.

Ultra light Weight: If we look at its configuration it is made with ultra-tough and light in weight TPU, total weights only 1 ounce. With light in weight, it is extremely strong to handle and perform its task to the fullest.

Extra features: Its sleek and slim structure makes it attractive to look. It has weather-resistant skin, to protect against harsh weather. Made from transparent, premium high-grade TPU, simply stretch the Rokform Skin over your device and apply your Rokform case.

V4 Pro Series Mount

The Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Mount has a dual retention locking system that encompasses both our quarter turn RokLock mounting technology, as well as our guaranteed RokSafe magnet mountability.

Just have a look at its complete features:

Universally Fit and easy to install: Just like the other two it is also universally adjustable and can be installed very easily. It is flexible to mount your phone from -22 to +55 degrees to provide you an uncompromised view.

Superior strength with lightweight: It is built with strong material to withstand daily abuse. Moreover, it is light in weight like a feature and looks great when you hang.

Author's Bio: 

Fittek is the Canadian distributor for Rokform cell phone mounts and protective cases.