The popularity of digital photography has had two major effects. The first is the sheer number of photos which everyone takes, since taking, storing and printing them is now so easy, and the second is the dazzling number of photo gifts which these images can now be turned into. Personalised photo gifts are a fantastic way of marking occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, since they’re so much more meaningful and individual than anything you could simply buy off the shelf of a shop.

In the past, photo gifts were precisely that – photo’s given as gifts. You might get an extra print of a family portrait to give to an absent grandparent, for example, or reproduce multiple copies of a new baby snap to distribute amongst the doting relatives. With the technology now available via digital photography, however, the range of personalised photo gifts that can be produced has broadened dramatically, meaning that whoever you want to buy a gift for there’s bound to be a photo gift which fits the bill perfectly. If you want to give a gift to a child which will be treasured above all others, for example, then what could be better than a jigsaw puzzle which, when they solve it, rewards them with a beautiful picture of themselves? And the same child would also surely love a school lunch box with their picture on it, or a rucksack featuring the same.

The key advantage of gifts like these is the flexibility which they allow anyone to enjoy. Literally any image you have available to you is an option and the actual process of designing and ordering your gift has been kept as simple as it possibly can be. Photo gift ideas range from small fun items such as key rings and fridge magnets, up to luxury photo books or large scale canvas prints which take your memories and turn them into bespoke, stunning works of art. If you still don’t believe that virtually anything can be turned into a gift of this type then take a second to consider the idea of glass coasters made using an image of your own choice. You might have a landscape shot of a favourite beauty spot which you’ve treasured for years and would like to be able to see on a regular basis. By turning this shot into a coaster you’ll be reminded of the happy memories it encapsulates each and every time you use them. It doesn’t have to be a landscape shot, of course, since the choice is entirely yours. You might opt to turn a favourite picture of your kids into a set of coaters to be given as a gift to a favourite uncle or much loved godparent.

There’s no getting away from the fact that gifts such as these will touch the heart of those receiving them in a way which something that has been merely purchased isn’t capable of doing. That’s because they demonstrate the amount of thought you’ve put into them. By giving them an image of your own, you’re giving them a part of you in the form of a gift which will remind them of you each and every time they look at it. Every cup of tea or coffee, every cold drink which is rested on glass or acrylic coasters will be an occasion upon which they’ll think of you and remember how much they mean to you. The process of making them will take only moments, but the finished product will carry on bringing pleasure for years to come, and surely that’s the very definition of a thoughtful gift.

Giving photo gifts will delight and move the person to whom you give them, because personalised photo gifts show just how much you care and how much you want to show them you care.

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Photo gifts turn a so-so gift idea into uniquely wonderful presents for Christmas, for a birthday or for an anniversary. Until you have created your very own photo gifts online it is hard to imagine the satisfaction and pleasure they give.