Theresa is 97 years old, and has had arthritis for 15 years, a relentless, progressive disease in which one struggles with the vicious cycle of pain, insomnia, and depression.

After Theresa reconnected to the earth regularly for 3 days, her pain had decreased by 80%.

Gary is a 65 year old with a chronic sleep disorder. After he had slept “earthed” for one night, he sent me this e-mail: “I just had the best sleep I’ve had in 20 years.” My clinical experience is that 95% of people report a dramatic improvement with sleep when connected to the earth.

For more than a year I have incorporated Earthing — a technology that dramatically reduces inflammation and normalizes adrenal function — into my holistic medical practice. Earthing has been extensively researched and is used by tens of thousands of people, including hundreds of professional and world-class athletes.

Re-Connecting with the Earth

Earthing is simply reconnecting our bodies to the earth. To understand why this process is so powerful, we need to understand the earth’s bioelectrical field. Recall what it feels like to stand barefoot on grass or sand. We all feel good when we’re in barefoot contact with the earth.

When making direct contact with the earth, we get electrically grounded. A layer of free electrons covers the earth. When we walk barefoot on the beach, we feel peaceful and grounded. Part of that is due to our spiritual connection to nature. A huge part is that our bodies become charged with free electrons when we’re in direct contact with the earth.

After people have slept “earthed” for 2 to 8 weeks, inflammation is largely turned off. In addition, sleeping earthed heals adrenal stress and burnout. An early study on Earthing done by Dr. Maurice Ghali showed that all subjects had normal cortisol levels after 60 days. Cortisol is our main adrenal stress hormone.

Sleeping earthed has proven to:

1. Improve energy
2. Enhance recovery
3. Improve sleep
4. Relieve muscle tension
5. Reduce stress
6. Restore normal biological rhythms

The Inflammation Epidemic

Over the last decade scientists have concluded that 80 chronic diseases are caused by inflammation. Any illness that ends with the letters “itis” is an inflammatory disease, such as: arthritis, dermatitis, and colitis. Lupus, MS, and fibromyalgia are also inflammatory.

Doctors treat each illness as if it were a separate entity, but it’s clear that the process of illness is where we need to focus our attention. Through Earthing we are now able to begin treating the cause of disease and not just symptoms.

But what is inflammation? Here’s a simple illustration of the inflammatory response. Whenever our skin is cut, inflammation kicks in. Blood vessels dilate and a variety of white blood cells pour into that area to kill infections (bacteria, parasites, and mold), carry off wound debris, and heal the area.

White blood cells have several functions, but an important function is the explosive release of free radicals or “reactive oxygen species” (ROS). It’s a shotgun approach. Our immune response pours out large amounts of free radicals to kill infections, but the amount of free radicals is not carefully measured and large amounts of free radicals enter the blood stream where they are harmful.

What happens when the inflammatory process turns against us? The immune response sprays healthy tissue with free radicals. For example, in arthritis, bursts of ROS attack joints, stripping electrons from bone and cartilage.

Turning Off Inflammation

Earth’s free electrons, which have a negative charge, neutralize free radicals, which are positively charged. A free radical is a charged molecule that is missing an electron.

Because we have lost touch with the earth, free radicals continuously build up in our bodies with no way for them to be neutralized – until now.

Inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage all involve the same thing, namely free radicals, positively charged particles that cause damage by stripping electrons from healthy tissue. When we are in barefoot contact with the earth, billions of free electrons enter our body every second, neutralizing free radicals and hence inflammation.

The earth’s infinite supply of free electrons are probably the most powerful antioxidants in existence. By re-connecting with the earth’s infinite supply of free electrons, we are able to neutralize the free radicals that “are” inflammation.

I am now witnessing the reversal of the “process” that causes inflammation. The power and simplicity of Earthing cannot be over-estimated. An infinite supply of free electrons enters our bodies and neutralizes the free radicals that cause inflammation.

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