There’s much more to courage than display of force in a physical contest, courage should serve as the underlying x-factor in which we can exercise all the other virtues of life like wisdom, justice and hope. Courage should start from every individual daring to live their lives to the fullest potential possible. However some people appear to be flying blind in life, guided by a course someone else set for them. One must work on heightening their senses to a super hero level to help them aspire to a fulfilled and quality life. Highly developed senses has given mankind wonderful instincts that played a critical role in our evolution.

People should perform daily mental workouts to increase the performance of their senses like changing in the dark entirely. By learning to dress without lights, you will force your other senses to work on overdrive. Even more effective would be pretending that you were blind for a whole afternoon, calmly consider in your mind what things you would be forced to appreciate, who would appreciate to help and guide you. Furthermore do you have the intuition to discern who your true friends are, who encourages you and not who competes with you. Learn to awaken your senses, you will also awaken your life. Start to feel the true vibes of those around you, develop an acute nose to sniff the truth around you, use your enhanced hearing to decipher the plausible from the garble. Ability to recognize odors may save your life one day. Develop a sixth and seventh sense to perceive things around you. Learn to look out for signs people are lying to you via body language, speech patterns and gestures. Be observant and sense people’s true sincerity through their behavior and mannerisms.

Sometimes it appears that we don’t take enough advantage of all the wonderful and beautiful natural resources available to us on Earth. People should strive to be more adventurous and willing to try new things. There should be a zeal to travel to new places and take in new experiences. We truly live on a planet with limitless possibilities. We are very fortunate indeed, looking around at all the other planets, seems like we got the best deal. Dare to be Tarzan and explore the jungle that is Earth, it really is a jungle out there. Beware for the snakes in the grass, develop sharp senses to surround yourself with positive and caring people. Use intuition and experience to know which fertile soil to plant your ideas, don’t let any negative weeds steal your dreams. Learn to observe people’s habits towards their friends and supposedly those they love too. If they are used to treating friends and family poorly, just realize that could easily be you. Let your ears tune into the right channels, sometimes learn to notice things in slow motion. Also maintain calm thoughts and take in the surroundings around you. In some instances, be patient and proceed cautiously, other times be spontaneous and act decisively. Learn to notice things quickly and avoid mistakes, use experience to guide you.

Daring is great for your mind, daring has advanced our society from the first people to venture beyond prehistoric surroundings, to those that didn’t believe the world was flat and that you would drop into abyss. Take control of your life and navigate through it with the right co-ordinates that you set for yourself. Learn to read the signs with super human instincts, don’t live blind oblivious to what’s going on around you. Dare to live the life you always wanted for yourself. Good luck!

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Henry Okwo is the Founder and CEO of SalesGymUSA, a Targeted Sales Training company. Henry is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley where he was a 2-time National Champion. He has over 15 years sales and management experience and has developed a specialized sales training program based on sports performance development to boost sales. Find out more targeted sales strategies to increase your sales results at Henry also conducts a daily mental workout on his blog,