Here to serve you and your piano

We make our clients’ pianos the best that they can be by providing expert tuning and repair, meticulous regulation, and peerless restoration.

Tuning : A standard tuning is for those pianos that have been tuned in the past 6 months to a year. It involves manipulating the tuning pins to bring all 230 strings to their proper and harmonious pitch. We use a combination of aural and electronic tuning to ensure your piano sounds great! We also tighten the plate bolts, check for problems, and tighten the bench.

Repair: Do you have a stuck key or broken string(s)? We can help! Our technicians are well trained in all manner of repairs, from a simple stuck key to major action work.

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Welcome to NY Piano Works! Here to serve you and your piano. Book an Appointment Today. Expert Tuning and Repair.