List of specialist clinics in Singapore:


Ear Nose Throat Clinics

ENT Specialists (alternatively known as Otolaryngologists in Singapore), or “Ear Nose and Throat” specialists, help persons that have ear, nose and throat ailments. Otolaryngologists also help patients that haveproblems around the head and neck region. For those persons that are dealing with these conditions, it is highly advised that you seek the diagnosis and medical advice of an ENT specialist.

Ear conditions can affect the ear's exterior, or arise in the middle ear and even inner ear. Abnormalities can arise due to disease, or unintentional damage. Symptoms individuals often describe suffered because of ear conditions include pain vertigo, reduced hearing ability and bouts of balance difficulties for the person.

ENT specialists (alternatively known as otolarygngologists) diagnose and remedy on many problems that afflict the nose/nasal areas, spanning from treating congenital abnormalities to commonplace infections. The abnormalities that might occur at in the nose region are widely varied, from the all-too-common sinus infections to potentially lethal ailments such as cancers of the nose. Symptoms affecting this region interferes with your capacity to breathe in via the nose and can affect overall health, energy levels and appearance.

Otolargyngologists in sunny Singapore are trained surgeons. The specialists perform surgeries for the regions in around the structures of the ENT, providing and correcting structural defects or removing abnormal lumps such as cancerous tumours and fibroids. Once in a while, due to the fact that the ENT areas include the face to an extent, the procedure may provide improvements and changes to the person's overall looks too. An example of a procedure that can achieve both goals at the same time is rhinoplasty that may be administered for both cosmetic and/or medical needs. 

As a word of caution, if you should be considering rhinoplasty for cosmetic goals, prepare yourself to receive a bill that can be $9000 and up, where the difference in the bill entirely depends on the difficulty of the required surgery.


Men’s Health & Women’s Health Specialist

Men's & women's health clinics serve a somewhat dissimilar demographics as compared to the usual doctors we are familiar with. Sexual wellness is a rather specialized industry and it takes a medical practitioner who's schooled in the area of study and the issues that are linked to it to successfully evaluate, and appropriately deal with the problems that arise. Every one of the tests you have with regards to sexual health are very confidential. The attending clinic staff and medical practitioner should be highly conscious of this and additionally ensure these records should not be shown to the public eye.

HIV assessments are conducted by a health care provider using a HIV test kit. The testing process will also require the taking of the individual's blood test. With luck, you may possibly acquire your final results inside of 15 mins, saving you from the stress of having to wait. HIV and STD screening are fairly cost-effective in our little red dot, Singapore, expenses  often stay within just a few hundred bucks. However, these clinics also provide highly specific gender relevant expertise.

Most solutions for males have got to do with their virility along with capabilities in bed, which could decrease while they cultivate older. For males that happen to be having difficulty getting an erection, the doctor will frequently prescribe prescription drugs such as Viagra or Cialis to resolve the issue.. Nowadays, non oral therapies for ED like shockwave remedy are available.

Female's health clinics, on the other hand, and give attention to services including mammogram assessment, pap smear exams and also yeast infection therapies. As girls age, it's also essential for them to opt for mammograms to assist test for signs of breast cancer. In the event any of the ladies as part of your family happen to be getting to their middle ages, you'll want to advise them to go for consistent mammogram screenings.  Similarly, pap smear tests additionally give great help when detecting initial phase cervical cancer. Make certain that pap smear assessments are conducted following menstruation or maybe the outcome may not be correct.



Gastroenterologists are gastro-intestinal doctors, a  doctors that specialise in conditions related to the stomach or gut areas. It requires at least seven years of practice in public private hospitals such as the NUH or Tan Tock Seng prior, before physicians assessed to possess potential that is high are able to call their selves a consultant gastroenterologist. By an enormous margin, the most frequent type of analytical procedure which people request during a visit at the gut specialist's is endoscopy. This would be the method of sliding a scope to the individual's gastrointestinal tract to examine it from the inside. There are several different kinds of endoscopy, each method is meant for a different element of the body that needs inspection. The gastroenterologist will be able to make a decision the essential endoscopy method to have the right placement for evaluating the requested area of the body.

Colonoscopy is a method which provides a range of functions. It not only assess the locale for signs of possible cancer of the colon, but can even help the gut consultant on analyzing the overall health of your bowels and colon and also discovering relevant conditions. Colonoscopy screenings are done by inserting a soft, rubbery tubing upwards via the individual 's anus. Pictures on the insides on the individual's colon are next taken through the tiny camera on the front end on the endoscope. These images are then simply shown on a monitoring screen, that the gastroenterologist studies for abnormalities inside the colon. In yet another frequently requested technique known as gastroscopy, the scope is inserted in the body to check out the top part of the intestinal tract. This procedure, though, the scope is inserted into the gastrointestinal tract via the patient's mouth and gives your physician an internal point of view of the gastrointestinal system and stomach. 

Endocopy screenings ordinarily require substantially less than sixty mins to finish. Preparation for endoscopy requires fasting prior to the action. There's a chance you're relieved to hear that endoscopy doesn't necessitate you to stay overnight inside a medical facility. Expenses are claimable from Medisave or private health insurance plans. To know more about costs, reach out to one of Singapore’s reliable gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrea Rajnakova

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