A successful pregnancy requires healthy eggs and sperm, and the normal foetus formation requires a woman to have a healthy uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

When a women can not get pregnant naturally for a long time, she and her husband should get checked. When it comes to the woman, it can be the trouble of tubal blockage. In clinical practice, tubal blockage can result in female infertility, about 30% of all cases.

Usually, there are some typical symptoms of the tubal blockage, while in daily life, many females just see it while do not associate it with tubal blockage, which makes them miss the best chance to cure it. So what symptoms should you notice when it comes to tubal blockage.

1. Painful menstruation

Painful menstruation is very common among females, which can appear on account of many factors, while females with tubal blockage can also experience this pain. Since the pelvic congestion has resulted in bloody painful menstruation and the symptom can usually break out about 7 days before the menstruation. The closer you are to the menstruation, the more obvious your aches will become, which will not stop unless the menstruation starts.

2. Irregular menstruation

Physiologically, the oviducts and the ovaries in the pelvic cavity are close to each other. Doctors, point out that normally, the illness related to the oviducts should not impact the ovary function. But if the tubal inflammation goes into the ovaries, it will impact the ovary health to some extent, and then menstrual irregularities will break out, such as increased menstruation and frequent menstruation.

3. Abdominal pain and discomfort

If females’ oviducts have been impeded, females will have dull pain and abdominal discomfort, and there are also soreness and bloated feelings in the low back and sacrum. These problems will be deteriorated on account of the daily tasks. In the event that at the same time, there is pelvic adhesion, sufferers will have frequent and urgent urination as well.

4. Gynecologic inflammations

The gynecologic inflammation and uplink infection will result in the oviducts’ inflammation, which can further give rise to the tubal problems like tubal blockage. For instance, PID, which is short for the pelvic inflammatory disease, is a very common female problem, which easily gives rise to the tubal blockage.

If the female is undergoing some gynecological inflammation like pelvic inflammation, vaginitis, or other problems, they are supposed to get checked and treated in a timely manner. Normally, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a useful therapy for female suffers.

The herbal pill can greatly cure the tubal problems triggered by these inflammations and can enhance the female menstruation without any side effects. What’s more, it can help to improve the female self-healing function. Females can get cured after a long-term treatment, and they can get pregnant more naturally.

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