Trying to Sell a House with an Ex: 7 Tips for a Speedy Sale
Divorce and separation is not an ideal situation for any couple or family, especially when there is a home involved. The best type of separation you can hope and strive for is an amicable one that does not involve too much legal input; a straight split down the middle is usually the outcome of a home sale in this case. And a quick sale is coveted but can be hard to achieve if a couple doesn’t follow some basic home sale tips when trying to sell a house with their ex.
Tip 1: Find the Right Realtor. Ask around for referral for a real estate agent that specializes in divorce home sales or selling houses fast. There are some realtors who specialize in this type of situation and can be wonderful assets to couples who need that extra bit of expertise. Trust in their home sale tips and your house will be sure sell faster.
Tip 2: Have All Your Ducks in a Row. Make sure that the belongings and assets have been separated and legal counsel has been consulted before the house is sold. These types of negotiations can become heated and are best handled before the final paperwork is signed. Also, sell the house before the divorce becomes finalized as that way regardless of any changes in heart, the money is guaranteed to be divided equally.
Tip 3: Focus on the Future. Even though letting go of your family home is an emotional time, try to look forward to the future and the positive outcome of the situation. Remove personal belongings and make the home as neutral as possible. New families or couples don’t walk into a dwelling stacked with reminders of an unhappy marriage.
Tip 4: Stay Cool, Calm and Collected. Don’t give into anger, pettiness and emotion when trying to sell property with your ex. Emotional reactions can cause rash decisions that you might regret at a later date. I think we all remember the War of the Roses – an extreme situation that hopefully most couples can remain distanced from.
Tip 5: Price to Sell: Houses should be priced comparably to neighbourhood houses, and if you’re hoping for a quick sale (as most separated couples are) talk to your realtor about pricing to sell your house fast. Id time is of the essence, price can make all the difference.
Tip 6: Beware of the Lowball. Besides keeping your sanity, this is another great reason to keep emotions in check. There are certain people out there who will try to lowball sellers that are in emotional distress. Keeping your feelings out of the sale process may help you get a better price.
Tip 7: Shake Hands and Call it a Day. When the dust has cleared, the papers are signed and the money has been divided, make it easier on yourself your family and your ex but sticking to the original agreement and walking away with your head help high. The situation is hard enough without backtracking and backbiting.

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Lilly Gordon is a freelance writer and web publisher. Lilly Gordon is a freelance author and web publisher. She is currently researching how to sell a house in Edmonton, and the Canadian Real Estate Market.