For a lot of people trying to make ends meet, a pawn shop is almost like a bright light at the end of a tunnel. Sure, many pawn shops are shady places and you can get tricked into buying something for more or selling something for less very easily. But if you know what you're headed for, you're sure to strike a good deal!

Read on to know why pawn shops are your best bet when you're trying to get by on less.

Pawn Shops Are by the Dozen

When you go looking for pawn shops, you won’t come across just one or two; they are by the dozens! So if you’re looking to sell or buy something, you won’t have to be dependent on just a handful of pawnbrokers. With so many pawn shops around you, you get to decide whom you want to sell to or buy from.

Additionally, pawnbrokers know that they have stiff competition. As such, they’ll be more than willing to quote a good price. Just sharpen up your negotiation skills and you’ll be good to go!

And Many Deal Only with Select Items

You will come across several pawn shops that deal only with certain items. So if you want to sell gold jewelry, you can pick a pawn shop that deals only with precious metals and rare stones. Similarly, if you’re interested in buying antique furniture, you head to a pawn shop that deals with antiques.

Having dedicated pawn shops around you means you get to select from the best when buying items. And if you’re selling, you get the best value for your stuff as the pawnbroker will be able to judge the true worth of your item!

Not All Pawn Shops Are Shady

In the United States, pawn shops are regulated at the state level with each state having different rules. Pawn shops not only have a set of laws governing their operations but they are also licensed. What’s more, pawn shops have to cooperate with police daily in order to prevent movement of stolen goods!

Furthermore, a reputed pawn shop will also have the devices and materials needed to check authenticity of goods sold. So if you are worried about purchasing stolen items or fake diamonds at the price of real ones from a pawn shop, you only have to head to a reputed pawnbroker.

Be sure to check the authenticity of goods you purchase yourself so you don’t get ripped off though!

You Get What You Want

This doesn't mean that you'll get the price you quote but at a pawn shop, you get to choose whether you want to sell an item for cash or borrow a loan by giving the item to the pawnbroker as collateral.

Note that the pawnbroker will offer you a collateral-based loan only if the item you have is of value and if he seems interested in it. You don’t have to take a loan if the terms don't go down well with you; sell the item for hard cash instead.

Borrowing a Loan Is Easy

When borrowing a loan from a pawnbroker, you don’t have to provide proof of employment. In addition to this, credit checks aren’t needed and interest rates are fairly reasonable. The amount you borrow is also deposited straight into your bank account.

With bank loans requiring too much paperwork, obtaining a loan can be troublesome if not impossible. If you need a loan right away, you know where to head!

You Can Choose a Repayment Option

If you pawn an item at a pawn shop for a lump of money, you can get the item back after you’ve repaid the loan and the interest. But if you’re unable to repay the amount before the deadline, neither will your credit ratings be affected nor will you have to face collection action.

Head to the pawnbroker and extend your loan period, or you can forget about returning the money and let the pawnbroker keep the collateral you offered.


If you’re living on a budget, you might have found yourself in need of some quick cash many times. Pawn shops can help you when you’re facing a cash crunch by lending you the amount you want or by offering you cash in return for items.

Pawn shops are also your go-to option when you need to buy things and can’t afford to purchase brand new. With so many pawn shops around you, you will be able to find whatever you need- jewelry, clothes, furniture, and lots more for a lot less money.

Just be sure that you know where you’re going; you don’t want to head to a shady pawn shop and end up being cheated. Research all pawn shops in your area and transact only with ones that have a good reputation.

Approach pawnbrokers the right way, and you won’t have to worry about anything!

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Rose Martin is a freelance writer specializing in personal investments and business. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, sipping a cold beer and spending time with family.