Back and joint pains are easy to alleviate and reduce with yoga movements. Practicing yoga however, needs to be skillful and mindful. Carelessness can lead to more joint and back pains. Exercises that require you to have too much straining are likely to result to more pain in the shoulders, hips knees and the back. In other words, the workouts that cause more pain result to more harm on the joints, and they are also likely to cause symptoms of high blood pressure. Common types of arthritis are all associated with these pains. Deep breathing is always essential in yoga to maintain a good balance for the body. Use yoga poses that are good for you and take advice from your therapist or doctor.

Sun Salutations
They are an effective way of dealing with pains of common types of arthritis. You can use them in the morning to help you properly start the day. The poses are also meditative in nature. Start while you stand with both feet. Ensure the two feet are touching. After this let your hands touch by bringing them together. Place the hands on your heart as they touch palm to palm. As you exhale, ensure to raise your arms in the upward direction. In the position, ensure to go back in the backward direction to stretch the arms, so they are behind or above your head. Then ensure you relax the neck and then inhale.

Childs Pose and Child Pose Plus
The pose is gentle on the arthritis pain as it is simple and does not strain the user. The common types of arthritis including those that cause back pains can be relieved by the pose. Dropping down on the floor is the initial step and requirement for the pose. Be on the floor on the knees. Then bring the big toes together after first spreading the legs wide apart. Then have the hips sitting on the heels or even the feet. You should then reach both arms forward on the floor. The pose reduces arthritis pains. In addition, stretching of the spine and the flexors is possible.

Cow Pose
With the pose, you need to get to the ground or the floor on all the fours. Shoulders require being a width apart. The wrists, on the other hand, should be below the shoulders with all the fingers spread. Knees need to be just a width apart below the hips. Then, try to take the chest forward and up to the ceiling and ensure that shoulders spread to the direction of the waist. Tip the pelvis both back and up so the sitting bones and joints reach up. The pose stretches the spines and thus reduces common types of arthritis pains’. It is also essential for improving and increasing flexibility.

Angry Cat Pose
The pose is a reverse of the cow pose. From the position of all the fours, pull the navel both up and in to ensure that the spine rounds out. Take and maintain a position of arching in, away from the floor or ground. Increase that space between the vertebra by adjusting hips back and also towards the direction of the ankles. The stretch helps reducing arthritis pains by improving flexibility and stretching the spine.

Supine Twisting
This requires the gentle and careful twisting of the joints. However, the twist can cause pain. If this is the case, stop doing the pose immediately. Start by lying on the floor or ground on the back. Then ensure you draw the knees to the direction of the knees. Wrap both the arms around the legs. The impression is like hugging yourself. Rock back and forth and also side to side while taking breaths. The pose massages the spine and, therefore, eases arthritis pains.

Bridge Pose
Use the supine position on the ground and have your knees bending. You should ensure that the feet are set on the floor. Pressing both the arms and inside of the feet, ensure you exhale. Firm the buttocks while pushing tail bone upwards. Then lift the buttocks off the floor and ensure the thighs are in a parallel position to the floor. Keep both knees over the heels while lifting the hips towards the belly.

Down ward Facing Dog
Consumer health information indicates the essence of this pose in stretching the spine and improving flexibility. Consequently, it reduces back and arthritis pains. The pose is done on all the fours. With knees in a position directly below or under the hips, the arms are supposed to be placed in front of shoulders. It involves exercising the spine in the position.

Crescent Lunge
The pose starts in a lunge position. Then let the knees be on the floor and then lengthen the tail bone towards the right knee. Lift the arms and then slide the knees forward. Ensure to breathe in as you take the position. It reduces the pains in the joints according to reports from consumer health information

In conclusion, the yoga poses are essential for relieving the pains related to arthritis. As mentioned, all poses need to be performed carefully to avoid strain, more damage to the spine, and symptoms of high blood pressure. It is advisable to avoid overstraining the muscles while taking part in this poses.


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