The fish head is full of necessary nutrients, and in India, there are various regions that cook fish head using some exotic veggies and spices. A bowl of aromatic curry with fish head across Southeast Asia is quite popular. And in this content, you will get to know how Singapore and other places around the world offer you this popular delicacy.

Some people find it disturbing for those prying eyes in your bowl, but upon trying, you will discover the fish head curry is surprisingly comforting, which can lure you easily into the flavourful spell.



How to Enjoy It?

In Singapore, the head of red snapper is delicately cooked in a pot along with a handful of exotic veggies to make it a nourishing broth. Upon finding, you will find variations of this dish in a list of affordable Indian food Novena. Coconut milk can add rich texture, whereas chilies and hot sauces can add spice to this dish.

In India, people from East, Northeast and south also use fish head to prepare a range of dishes to complement their regular diet.

How Fish Head Curry Came Into the Eating Habit?

Fish head curry was created in the kitchen of a small Indian restaurant in 1940s. The fish head is not considered as Indian Ingredient; instead, a restaurant owner from Southern Indian state of Kerala blended Indian curry with Chinese fish head to please his Chinese customers.

The experiment was a complete hit. And today people in Singapore enjoy the large bubbling pot of fish curry.

Why You Must Try Fish Head Curry? 

If you have ordered only the filet of fish till now, as you don’t love the beady eyes or tiny bones, then you are missing one of the tastiest and delicate parts of the fish- THE HEAD. The upper jaw part of the fish is lined with tender flesh, and the skull is filled with emollient fat. Upon cooking well, you will find crispy and e brittle cartilage. A well-cooked fish head dish is one of the delicious seafood in Singapore to make it a grand centrepiece on the dinner table.

The bone, flesh and fat on the fish heads contain a high level of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids.

Fish Head Dishes in Bengal and Assam: 

In Bengal, you will find how tempting it is to try Muri Ghonto, which is mostly served during the lunch. Some people refer it as pulao made with fish heads of Katla or Rohu.

In Assam and other Northeastern states, the fish head is cooked with a range of seasonal veggies for quick stir-fries. It is a variant of Khar, which is made of alkaline extract from banana ash, where you will find the inclusion of fish head accompanying veggies like eggplant, pumpkin, potatoes, spring onion or other ingredients.

Fish Head Recipe in Coastal Regions: 

The Malabar and Konkan regions prepare spicy fish head curry using Mackerel and Kingfish to serve with the steamed rice.

So, now you know how to enjoy a healthy fish head curry in a delicious way. So, don’t forget to include it in your menu when you next head into a restaurant in Singapore.

Author's Bio: 

The author is running a chain of restaurants in Singapore and passionately writes blogs and articles to make food lovers aware of some exotic Indian cuisine.