Your parents give you your name when you come into the world, but it is up to you what sort of name you present to the people around you throughout the rest of your life. As you know it takes years to build your reputation, but if you allow your guard down, one small discretion can destroy it in seconds. I know you want to realise your full potential and be the best version of you possible. It is far easier to achieve success in any area of your life if you are trusted by the community and your reputation precedes you, than it is if people distrust you and doubt your word. Trust is the lubricant, which will smooth your path in life and help you to achieve greatness.

Our World
Our complex modern economy is a vast network of people, who co-operate in a society, where goods and services are exchanged in a mutually beneficial fashion for the benefit of all parties. If the exchange between people is not equal, then the relationship is unsustainable. There must therefore be trust between all parties; they must feel that there is always a level of fair exchange between them. Trust in any exchange is crucial, as it is the lubricant, which makes all parties feel they are both winning. Not only your income, but your level of acceptance in the community, will depend on how people perceive and trust you to always keep your word.

Trust Transference
The easiest way to get people to know, like and trust you is through trust transference. For example if you have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with someone, who already knows you and has grown to trust you, they can refer you to someone else. If they trust the person who is referring you, then they will trust you too.

I am sure that you receive tons of unsolicited mails every day, just like I do, from people offering you all sorts of wonderful opportunities. There was a specific opportunity, which I received correspondence about on many occasions, but due to my ruthless deleting of messages daily, to save time and avoid scams, I missed it every time. It was only when a very close friend of mine, called me to tell me that Byron had a fantastic opportunity to show me, that I finally agreed to see Byron.

The trust I had in Geoff, meant that although I was still a little suspicious, I welcomed Byron into my world and listened to his offer. The same is true about all your prospects out there. It is far easier for them to get to know like and trust you, if you get introduced to them by someone they already know and trust. This is one of the most underutilised power tools for success out there. When you are attempting to get a prospect to meet with you, it is always far easier to get a meeting in the first place and far more likely that they will really listen to what you have to offer them, if you have been introduced to them by someone, they already trust. When you utilise this power tool properly, you will very quickly build a trust bridge, between yourself and your prospects.

Action Idea: Identify your dream client and then try to identify who you already know, who can advocate on your behalf to that person. The ideal person would be someone who already knows, likes and trusts you and who would be willing to make a call on your behalf to that person. If they are unable to make the call, then ask them to send an email or write you a letter of introduction. What you are looking for is a trust transference bridge between you and the prospect.

What if you don’t know the right person?
This is where social media and Google come into their own. Research the target person and discover as much as you can about them. Who are their bankers, accountants, who mentors them, where did they attend university etc. Be creative and you will amaze yourself at the many different ways you can get an introduction to your target prospect.

Once you have figured out the first or second degree links, which connect you to that person. You can find ways to connect with those other people first and then get them to introduce you to your prospect. Even at worst, if you can connect with them via one of your contacts on LinkedIn, it is better than trying to connect with them cold. LinkedIn is a powerful tool, if it is used properly.

Make Doing Business Easier
Business is far easier, when it is done through a personally referred network of trust transference. Achieving business or sales success, is seldom achieved through cold calls, although there rare exceptions, where this has worked. If you want to exponentially improve your results this year, start to explore innovative ways of getting yourself introduced to the right target prospects. This will accelerate your success and as you work this in the long run, you will eventually build a trust network, who will become a huge asset to you.

Cold calling is unnecessary. There are so many innovative ways of connecting with and being referred to prospects. If you want to be a winner in life and in your business, always remember that winners get referred by other winners.

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