{Connie Huebner facilities the presence of Divine Mother by putting her attention on the deepest level within her heart. She experiences the vibration of Divine Mother's name at the quiet inner most subtle level of life and is then able to have an intimate, inner conversation with Her. The following is an excerpt from the immense wisdom of Divine Mother on the topic of Trust and Letting Go.}

Divine Mother: You are Divine Beings in a physical form. You have Infinite power at your disposal. Today I am teaching you what to do with it, how to use it. It is focused with attention and intention. The way to keep Infinite power from being misused is to move it from your heart. The heart only wants to love, so moving your Infinite power from the heart, you can do no harm. Soften in the heart. I keep asking you to let your attention be in the heart. This is because for you to use your Infinite power for all good, for only good, you must use it from the heart.

This is where Divine Mother comes in. This is why Divine Mother, the Mother of the universe, loving her children, will not harm them ever. You must become allied with Divine Mother. I love you.

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Wholeness of the Divine Truth. I love you. You are my children. I adore you.

You are dissolving the untruth, the lie of separation which causes the lie of unworthiness, un-deservingness, not being good enough in all its permutations. You are a Divine Being, Whole, One with me and with all that is. Soften in the heart. I love you.

Even when you are out in your activity, let go into the Infinite.

Intend to let go. I love you. Trust your Infinite Self. Let go. When you let go, I can do more for you. Let go again. You have a tendency to grasp onto things -- this thought, that feeling, this place. Let go. Even when you are out in your life moving through the world enjoying the food and the other things, let go. You will enjoy them much more if you let go of the grasping for them. Then they become gifts from me instead of something to grasp and hoard. Even your most precious commodity whatever it is, the wealth, the relationship, the house, let go, so I can give you more of it and many other things as well. But the small self that has a sense of an deservingness, unworthiness, feels it must hold on, feels it might not deserve this beautiful thing, this beautiful jewel, this beautiful person, this beautiful experience, so it grasps and holds. Let go. You will receive much more by letting go than by holding on. Let go.

I am saying to you to let go of it inside. Let go on the inner levels. Let go in the brain. Let go in the heart. Let go in the throat. Let go in the senses. Let go in the body.

I keep saying the word “trust”. I have said it many times today. It doesn't mean much to many people, but I keep saying it. It means know you are safe, trust, know you are safe. When I say “let go”, you can't let go unless you trust in your safety. Let go right now. You are trusting that the Infinite is going to hold you, that the Wholeness is going to support you. Let go now.

Let go of everything you are most obsessive about.

Every time you let go you are trusting that something is supporting you, the Infinite Wholeness. Now let go in your life that which you are most obsessive about. Maybe it is fear. You are always afraid of this or that. Let go. If you let go even for a moment, you fall into the Infinite. Maybe it is a relationship. You have to be with this person. Let go. Trust the Infinite. Maybe it is the money. You have to hold onto the money. Let go. Trust the Infinite. Trust your true Self, your Infinite Self. The small fear that you grasp onto is the unworthiness. “I might not deserve this tomorrow, so I have to hold on to it now.” Let go. “I might not deserve it for the rest of my life, so I have to hold on to it now.” This is impossible. Let go. Trust.

I am your security. The Infinite Wholeness, the Divine you is your security, your safety. Hold on to that. You are being driven by this belief system of unworthiness where you are compelled to do things by an impulse you aren't even in charge of. Perhaps it is your health-- perhaps you are driven to go to doctor after doctor. I am in charge of your health. Let go. Trust me. Trust you. It is the same thing. We are One. We are Whole. There is intelligence deep in this Infinite Wholeness. And when you let go, you can be guided by that intelligence. But the minute you start grasping and holding, you block its flow.

Pain, suffering, separation, self-hate, self-denigration, no matter how subtle it might be, self-sabotage -- lay it all down. This is all about the unworthiness. Break it out of our energy fields, out of our vibration patterning, out of our DNA, out of our brain cells, out of our neurons, breaking these structures of fear and pain and suffering and unworthiness. Let go.

I keep saying to let go because you are holding on. Break your grip. Trust the Infinite. Break, break, break the structures of this small, fearful belief system of separation from God, of undeservingness in the eyes of God. Trust your Infinite Self.

Let go. You are beautiful. Let go.

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About Rev. Connie Huebner: Rev. Connie Huebner has dialogued with Divine Mother for over 25 years. She does not “channel.” Rather, within her heart, she engages Divine Mother in a conversation at the subtlest level of creation, which she then repeats to you. In this way, Connie can converse with any Divine Being. Her connection to the Infinite Source of Life is the basis upon which she receives messages. Connie goes to the fundamental source where we are all One, finds the Divine Mother, asks Her your questions, and receives your answers. She has also developed a set of vibrational healing tools that you can use to clear your blocks and connect directly to Divine Mother.