I am constantly gobsmacked by the amount of negative attention the network marketing industry receives. Network marketing allows anyone to have the opportunity to make a lot of money and quickly. It also provides systems, leadership, training, and a community of supportive people who are celebrating you and working with you to help you rise to the top of success. Why wouldn't anyone want to be involved in it?

When I think of network marketing I think of freedom, wealth, security, support, self-improvement, success, lifestyle choices and control over my life. I love that I can set my income and work hours and I'm working to receive the benefits not to make one person at the top rich.

Okay so my words might not hold much weight for you. So I"m going to start off with the words of some very influential, wealthy businessmen. A millionaire and a billionaire- both self made. I'm sure you've heard of them, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Now I don't know about you but I usually pay attention when either of them speak as they are where I want to be. They know how to create wealth and the best way to do it.

Donald Trump was on the Dave Letterman show one night and Dave asked him if he lost everything what would he do?....and Trump replied: "I would find a good network marketing company and get to work!".... to which the audience laughed and jeered at him. He then replied to the audience by saying:..."that's why I am up here and you are all sitting down there!"

What I love and respect the most about Donald Trump is that he understands real results takes work and that he always takes full responsibility for his choices in life. Back in the 90's when everything in Real Estate was busting Trump was heavily in debt and was on the brink of failure and bankruptcy. No one gave him a hope of surviving the disaster, no one except Trump.

Trump could have blamed so many things for his dire situation: the economy, bad loans, the real estate industry... but he didn't. Trump blamed himself! He took responsibility for the position he was in and he was there simply because 'he took his eye off the game'. Because he could accept responsibility for his position, he could choose otherwise and he turned his situation around and became the billionaire real estate mogul that he is today.

Too often I hear in the network marketing industry people bad mouthing it because they failed.Legitimate opportunities that can offer someone a more rewarding and fulfilling life are labelled as scams because some individuals entered into it expecting a free ride and weren't willing to put in the work and follow the systems and take responsibility for their success or failures. Network marketing works - just ask Trump or Kiyosaki. If it didn't work for you it's because of the choices you made, accept it and choose otherwise. (Yes there are legitimate scams out there as well and if you got done by one accept that it happened because you didn't do your due diligence and you expected something for nothing).

Robert Kiyosaki gives the best explanation of network marketing and why it's an amazing wealth creation tool. As he explains it, the top of the network marketing industry is NOT like traditional corporate systems which only allows one person to get to the top. The corporate system is really a pyramid as there is very little room at the top for more than one person's success. "Network marketing is a reverse pyramid: it's primary focus is to bring more people to the top. It's a pyramid that pulls you up instead of pushing you down. A network marketing business gives everyone access to what used to be the domain only of the rich".

He also states that you don't make much money unless you help others to be successful as well and that another beauty of network marketing is that it develops your emotional intelligence and well as your business skills.

Why do people fail in network marketing? Kiyosaki says it's because either you quit too early, or making money is your primary focus when it should be on helping others to become successful. Another reason people don't make it is they don't have the right marketing system in place to help attract people to them

Well, I am certainly following the advice of these two successful, wealthy businessman on how to create wealth. I'm not listening to Joe Bloe down the road who hasn't managed to get off his comfy couch to create real results. Follow in the footsteps of those you wish to be like.

What do I love the most about this business?

1) The strong, supportive community of like-minded individuals who are cheering me on with every step I make. In the Corporate world do you think you could phone the guy at the top and say"Hi, I want to be like you, how did you do it, can you help me be as good as you and help me to get there quickly?" Do you think that would be a long conversation?

I have immediate access to self-made millionaires who willingly offer me advice as to how to do the same thing as them, they support, train and encourage me - their success depends on my success! They have a financial interest in me being successful! A true co-operative environment in which success could be the only outcome (if it's not then the only variable is you!)

2) A strong focus on Personal Development and growing as a person. Your income can only grow as much as you do. I work on myself everyday and I'm provided with empowering tools to do so. My life is dramatically improving in all areas. I'm learning how to create the life of my choosing.

3) Very low start up costs in comparison to other business models but with fantastic rewards. It's a fact that many traditional bricks-and-mortar type businesses and franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in starting capital, and typically you may not see a profit for 18-24 months. You can make unbelievable money in Network marketing in a short period of time if you are prepared to do the work and follow the system.

4) A brilliant lifestyle. I can work from home, or anywhere in the world I like that has anInternet connection. I set my own hours and have time and financial freedom to do what I love. I meet people from all around the world and travel to amazing places.

I invite you to think carefully about the advice of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. Both are strong supporters of the network marketing industry and know it's the fastest way for anyone to achieve wealth. Now you just have to decide if you have what it takes to be successful in the industry as it works the only variable factor in it is YOU!

As Oprah says "Making a different choice gives you the opportunity to live a different life"

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