I am sure you have heard this many times: life is what you make it. Definitely your input and your outlook shape the life that materializes. So whether you totally believe this statement or not, you can make a great impact on the direction of your life.

1. Think about what you like to do. Implement plans to do more of what you like.

2. What would you like to be? Think of ways you could do what you like or something that is similar or has elements of it.

3. Believe life gets better. It will if you use every day to add more substance to your life. Believe that within you is more value building up. It is called experience. So treat all experience as ways to go up the learning curve.

4. Focus your thoughts on the good you can do for yourself and others.

5. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is a powerful expression that is a potent reminder that if we do nothing there is no gain. But if we do something we will gain something. At the very worst you have a lesson in how not to do something. That is the worst scenario, but you could achieve so much more. So do think ventures (aka projects) and how you can advance successfully. Never attempting anything guarantees failure, so you might as well venture forward.

B: Believe that life gets better. It will if you treat every day as a day to learn, grow and be more.
L: Lessons are what we get every day if we embrace the idea that everything is a learning experience that adds value and enriches us and the world.
E: Encompass the idea that you are part of creating a better world. Encourage yourself to be more than you are now. Enjoy more too.
S: Set your goals high and treat set backs as opportunities to grow stronger. Set the bar as high as possible and raise it higher after each success.
S: See the treasures and blessings of life as much as possible, because there is so much beauty, blessings and treasure for you to behold and have.

Y: You choose! More or less? More of you sounds much better does it not? You can scale to greater heights when you choose to believe you can.
O: Opportunities to live the best days of your life are here and now. Open yourself to beautiful experiences, the opportunities to live more.
U: Undertaking the most ambitious projects you are comfortable with should be your modus operandi.

B: Bursting with life am I. I really bloom and blossom in all situations.
L: Larger than life am I. I truly live in every situation. Life is just so good, so good!
E: Encouraging am I. I encourage myself and others to be more.
S: Steadily and surely I move forward when I see the value and substance in every situation.
S: Success is my birthright. I see success everywhere.

Y: Yes, I love life and I live it to the max!
O: Opportunties are mine. Life is like a game of cards and I play my cards to the max.
U: Undertaking the most ambitious projects is my game plan.

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