"Life? Butterfly on a swaying grass . . . that's all . . . but exquisite." This is a piece of wisdom written on a bookmark I've had for ages, and only just now found again in a bunch of papers I have on my desk. It also has a beautiful brush-work painting of a flower. The back of the bookmark indicates the painting and calligraphy were done by Renee Locks, and the company title is Brush Dance. According to her, The Brush Dance is a Yurok Indian Healing ritual where being true to yourself means giving your best to help a person in need. Being true to yourself is the one and only Yurok Indian law. The Yurok Indians lived on a stretch of the Klamath River in Northern California, and continue to be a significant contingent of American Indians in California.

Here's what I take from this: Words of wisdom will find their way into your consciousness from anywhere. The beautiful inscription and painting, and the information about the Yurok Indians, were unknown to me. Yet, here they were, speaking to me.

The focus of my work is about finding and following your authentic voice to connect with your authentic self, and act out of your authentic power. Why? Because being true to yourself is the only way to live in this world and be content, fulfilled and at peace. It is also the way we are able to give our greatest gifts to others.

So, this bookmark speaks to me. This wisdom is not new, but it is new for many of us. With years of conditioning by well-intentioned family and friends, throughout lifetimes, many of us find ourselves making choices that are not true to ourselves -- our authentic selves. We lose ourselves in our ego -- the part of us that is judgmental, critical, insecure and fearful. We do this because we are unaware of the difference between the two, unaware of the costs to ourselves and others, and perhaps afraid of the consequences. But, here's the good news. As our friend William Shakespeare wrote so eloquently, "This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

When we let go of false ideas, beliefs and choices and connect with the deepest part of ourselves -- our true selves -- what we experience is freedom and love. Then life truly becomes a "butterfly on a swaying grass . . . that's all . . . but exquisite."

So, don't be surprised where you find those words of wisdom. They are all around us.

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Andrea Beaulieu assists individuals to become the people they always wanted to be. She helps them engage their true potential to live, work, and lead in ways that are authentically theirs. Her company is Andrea Beaulieu Creates, LLC, and she is the creator of the Your Authentic Voice® System. http://www.YourAuthentiVoice.com