At the heart of life is an absolute true self within the meaning of thought fails to develop properly. A genuine internal autonomy can not be celebrated with wisdom of thought. Wisdom of thought is based on what we see with our eyes, hear with their ears, the taste of the tongue, the smell in the nose or touch your skin. My feeling is understanding and experience of everyone in the world of substance and form. My senses do not understand and the experience of everyone in the world of subtle formless and beyond within the IT, which is the home of your true inner self.

The space of the true inner self is very subtle, thought and purified and something from my memory the thoughts and imagination are unable to penetrate the deeper layers of consciousness. Even here, I can not make my spoken language. All this is linked to my senses and external world and is transported into the upper layers of my mind control. A genuine internal autonomy to its eternal spiritual knowledge and continue to live in eternal happiness in the moment. I can experience true inner self, by becoming free of my sense of connection and memory the wisdom of the past and the perception of the future that is fixed in my consciousness in the moment.

The practice by all means of technology to free them of self defense, individual absorbed in the absolute life in any way that belief. This is called self-realization. At the final stage, my belief feels the love conditionally to more self-realization of true inner self. real awareness of internal autonomy is in deep meditation on the true nature of God, the oneness of God, which is one for all. Rest self-realization is pure and pious perception.

It is an incredible true inner self is the source of true happiness for all. He works constantly to approach you, but your state of mind and the spirit of attachment to things and the sense of people, called the human condition, regularly opposed and continues to keep you in your individual selfishness . The individual selfishness and true inner self are the two opposite ends of your being and can not be lived together. Being in another himself lost. It is similar to the propagation of light ends in darkness.

the eternal spiritual knowledge from inside the car is true that the so-called secret knowledge, but he is always there for you and it does your physical life from birth to death. Anyone who sincerely seeks will find. It is selective because few are willing to give up his selfishness and wisdom of individual thought. The fear of losing their way of thinking and individual life is too heavy to bear, so they stay where they are attached to many people think.

the eternal spiritual knowledge of inner self does not preclude your wisdom think. Your wisdom of thought is the branch of the eternal spiritual knowledge of inner self to understand and build relationships with many believed to be living in the world. Visionary inner self of all in the physical world through the senses of many types of life in the physical world. Your wisdom of thought is the means to express the desire to meet and form of destiny.

Sometimes someone catches glimpse of the inner being in deep meditation, while the game in pure consciousness. When this occurs, they may choose to move forward or backward. It depends on the clarity with which they feel the reality before them, and the perfection of the transformation of mind that they have to bear with love.

It is no less surprising for someone who finally realizes that all descriptions, thoughts and ideas they have about themselves are only just that and nothing more. They are disappointed to learn that these things have no substance, no value and no lasting quality. They like to live and to turn away from earthly bonds. They feel they have achieved the goal of human life.

At each step, you look through the sincere awareness, your mind turned more positive perception see the same things and ways of life with a different vision, who have never seen before.

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