True/False: “What your eyes see, your ‘heart’ is bound to believe.”
• 1. “I don’t even know what that means. What’s-In-It-For-Me? to even think about it?”

• 2. “If you take this knowledge to mind, you will be in the top 5% of students and executives. Example: if we see it on TV, hear it on the radio, view it Online, or learn it from a friend, we take that info as proven Science.

• You know I’m right. It’s “proven”. But what if it’s based on a mistake or bad reporting?”

• 3. “All of the above are “accepted” as law by our brain. It registers as “long-term-memory, & locks into our brain’s “hippocampus.” See, 50% of what we are given is False, that’s right, TV news, Internet, your newspaper – False.”

• 4. “Getouttahere!”

• 5. “They make a mistake, get it wrong, didn’t check footnotes, or never read the file properly. And now we believe their nonsense forever. It shapes our decisions & thinking.”

• 6. “A good example wouldn’t hurt?”

• 7. “If you spend 90 minutes daily on your computer, (average is four-hours), you hurt your vision. How? You begin to “squint”, even with glasses, and stop blinking by
50%. So what? Blinking “washes” impurities away, and lubricates the eyes.”

• 8. “So blinking is good?”

• 9. “It focuses your sight for “clarity”, & stops words from going out-of-focus, eyes get red & irritated, and tears running.”

• 10. “Wait there’s more. Blinking reduces the brightness of the screen, and improves your vision.”

• 11. “Would you like to know a 30-second exercise to “save” your vision, and even improve it?”

• 12. “Yes, I’m on the computer 5-hours daily, and I get
blurry vision & tears running down my cheeks.”

• 13. “First Step, get in touch with your Subconscious brain by moving from Beta cycles per second to Alpha CPS. Beta is normal, waking consciousness. Alpha is a relaxed alertness, which occurs when you get comfortable. How?”

• Don’t complicate it. A total of four Diaphragmatic Breaths, and on exhaling, four “H-u-m-m’s. Total of 16 H-u-ms. You are now in touch with your Subconscious (right-hemisphere). For Brainiacs: your Parasympathetic Nervous System.

• Second Step: intentionally S-M-I-L-E and hold that smile to the end of this vision strategy. Just show your teeth, and crow’s feet at the sides of your eyes.

• Third Step: close your eyes and purposely Open and BLINK them slowly, (open & close) four-times. Just intentionally blinking slowly signals your brain to release your tear ducts to lubricate both eyes.

• Fourth Step: Daydream (use your imagination) see yourself “blinking” in your-mind’s-eye. Now imagine and do the “blinking” simultaneously.”

• 14. “Does this intention-blinking actually do anything?”

• 15. “Credibility: Google: Ohio State University, Professor James Sheedy, and in the scientific Journal, Optometry.
They tracked this research from 11.29.05 to 2013. Believe it.”

• 16. “Is that all there is to it?”

• 17. “Yes, and you must STOP and do the blinking exercise every 60 minutes you are on your computer. Do it because low grade headaches, red & running eyes, and seeing out-of-focus, hurts your ability to learn, read, and remember. It works for you eye health in school and at-work”.

• 18. “Anything else?”

• 19. “Maybe, but if takes more “Attention-Span” than you are used to. See, the secret of SpeedReading101 is to reprogram your subconscious, the controller of memory, learning, and changing negative habits. Yes or no?”

• 20. There are three separate times you can reach in and reprogram your subconscious mind. Answer: just before falling asleep, it’s a “twilight-zone” called “Hypnagogic time”, also just before waking up, called “Hypnopompic-time.” The third is during Meditation. How?

• Whatever you repeat during these three-times, are signaled into subconscious, long-term memory. It becomes a neural network, and a habit, and works on autopilot.”

• 21. “Example please?”

• 22. “If you repeat these eight-words in a rhythm like, “Old McDonald had a farm,” eight-times in-a-row, it improves your motivation to learn & remember.”

• 23. “What are the eight-words, and when can I stop?”

• 24. “Do it every A.M. & P.M. at least, for 2-minutes each, for seven-days in a row. The words are repeated “aloud” or “Mentally” like this: “Why is everything always working out for me? (Now, Again!)

• “Why is everything always working out for me?”
“Why is everything always working out for me?

• Don’t get nervous, the whole Affirmation requires two-minutes. Remember, a total of 8-times of, “Why is everything always working out for me?”, programs you
• The meaning of these eight-words is powerful. The “secret” is doing these “REPs” day-after-day. If you miss doing the affirmation least twice-daily or miss an entire day, it NEVER gets programmed in your right-brain.”

• 25. “But you started with, “What your eyes see, your heart is bound to believe.”

• 26. “Right, my knowledge for you is the 50% you can believe, and program it into your subconscious mind.

• We tested the power of this affirmation on ten-thousand students (both kids and adults of all ages). Over 80% reported improve learning skills, and long-term memory,
& a reduction of Chronic Stress, Anxiety, and angst.”

That’s all. We ask you to be “Tapped-in, Turned-on, and Tuned-in” enough to save-your eyes. Do the 8-word affirmation to WIN your goals in life. See you soon.Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler.

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