How to Grow My business? That is the question with the answers that will lead to million dollars revenue.

What do clients honestly want from the service you provide?

Reliability: Give them what you said you will

Credibility: How many of them are repeat clients and what are they saying about you to others?

Attractiveness: language use, how you say it matters more as opposed to what you feel you want to say.

Responsiveness: meet their expectation of promptness and do your due diligence

Empathy: Listen more, suspend judgment, and share their emotions

Learning: remain a seeker of knowledge

Observation: Keep observing that which you can’t understand

Culture & Diversity: Embrace culture and diversity for it has the potential to drive success.

The Opportunity: Opportunity is around smart people, find them, join them, learn from them, and help them realize their dream. By doing so, you increase your chances to become a worldly person, influential, rich beyond your wildest dreams.

The French Author, who wrote to Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery says “ if you want to build a ship, don’t drum up man to collect wood, and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless vastness of the sea”

If you are really gonna aspire to be leaders in the making, you want to leave yearning for the endless vastness of the sea and apply the tools of profitable decision making.

Rule #1: over-communicate your ideas, send emails, broadcast yourself online, send memos, attend meetings, run offsites, update your facebook and twitter.

There is a life consequence to this work process. Over-communicating applies to everything including communicating to your parents.

Rule #2: open up all channels of communication with your colleague with accurate honesty.

Rule #3: never fear sharing information or ideas. Most companies’ power accrues to those who hoard information.

Rule #4: Strive to share knowledge to empower citizens to advance evolution; power comes from sharing not from hoarding.

Rule #5: Trust. Learn to trust yourself enough to enable you to trust others. When the motivation for ethical behavior is self interest, the decision making is reduced to risk/ reward, rather than adherence to egoistic opinion that doesn’t benefit anyone. Trust breeds loyalty.

Until You read me again, may you remain blessed and a blessing to mankind

Author's Bio: 

Andre Zizi is a philosopher coach, mentor, teacher and author. He is the founder and Director of ZiziWorld Success Coaching Ltd UK Company & YourDreamComesTrue Ltd Company.

online coaching and support via Skype. Skype ID: Andre-Zizi