Happy is a word easily used, but hard to define. It could reflect in the smile on your face or the way in which you view life. You could find happiness in your works. when you make money or when you buy a new car.

Happiness is more a state of mind than the external action or incident that actually causes it. Happy people are more focused, productive and confident. They live life with a sense of purpose productive and confident. They live life with a sense of purpose and find joy in simple things. If you’re cranky, overworking, feeling frustrated and unusually pessimistic, here’s a list of six simple, yet effective ways to restore the smile on your face.

Walk-in a park, admire the plants and flowers, relish the damp scent of fresh earth, revel in the birds’ songs, sit back and enjoy the scent of fresh earth, revel in the birds’ song, sit back and enjoy the silence around you, breath deeply and savor the moment.

Recall a situation or a person who you think needs your help. Help him. Don't think of what you could get in return. Yours act of kindness will make you feel good about yourself.

Picks up the phone and call the one person you love. Speak for a while and forgets all other thoughts. A few words from a special person can turn things around to a great extent.

A young man in his 30s started his career in a very humble manner and with passion, commitment, and determination he managed to into the big league. Today he is doing very well for himself earning a decent amount of money; he now owns a property and a couple of cars. He has earned himself a reputation in the industry and people in his company consider him to be a ‘star’.

On the other hand, his life has breakfast in peace; he leaves to the office before his kids wake up and return home after they have retire to bed. Mounting work pressure keeps him so busy that he struggles to find time for his family. He has not had a holiday for quite some time now, he has missed plenty of family activities and works even on weekends. His travel schedule is packed and he barely manages to relax between two flights. He is losing out on his life and his family feels that they are losing him to his love for money.

Two brothers lived happily together with their families until one day there was a misunderstanding at home. Egos reared their ugly heads and the matter assumed catastrophic proportion, resulting in one the matter assumed catastrophic proportion, resulting in one of the brothers walking aways with his wife and children.
In order to get even with his sibling, he went to court and sought a legal division of property. This gave rise to more bitterness, leaving both families in despair. Unable to handle the stress, one of the brothers suffered a heart attack. The matter is pending in court with on solution in the foreseeable future. The results -- A minor misunderstanding, augmented by greed, led to the loss of familiar relations and concluded in loss of health.

Cutting corners to cut costs is a common occurrence, resulting in the ‘penny wise pound foolish’ pattern. A good businessman will never compromise on quality or profit. He is justified in his thinkings, as quality earns him a good reputation and profits keep him in business. Very often though, people do not understand this basic formula.
This is the story of a person who is a habitual negotiator. He makes the vendor’s life miserable cutting costs wherever possible. He gets into scraps and loses precious time, eventually leaving the vendor frustrated. He expects the vendor to supply him with high-quality products and services, but is unwilling to spend endlessly for his payment. His miserly ways and sour attitude earn him the reputation of being a pusher, leaving his business associates wary of future dealings with him.
There are plenty of situations that we experience where money-matters rule and relationships sour.
For instance, you borrow money from a friend and do not return it as per your commitment; you cheat someone to make employees and then pay them less; you can afford to pay a little more money to a deserving employee but decide to fill your more money to a deserving employee but decide to fill your work hard, save for the future, but not enjoy your present.

I firmly believe that money is important. One must earn, save and invest in the right place, but at what cost? Spoiling unhappy, leading a stressful life or treating others unfairly will never give you a sense of satisfaction or peace of mind.

The solution lies in changing one’s mindset to break free of the ‘all or nothing’ syndrome. It is imperative for us to realize and adopt the right balance of giving and take that will ensure a person’s success, happiness, and good health.

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