Undoubtedly our life is too short and portion of our life in which we perform an active part and help others is even tinier. Our half age devotes in snoozing, consumption, traveling so only semi share of our life journey is existing to accomplish religious, national and domestic responsibilities. Since the commencement of life, human body endures different alteration. But our activities will remain similar. Their legitimacy and prize will be same in all phases of life. Human beings will be umpired and hold answerable on the base of his movements, performance and his action with others. God has sanctified human beings with intelligence and purpose.

Consequently, we have to use our cognizance and knowledge for the improvement of our family, neighbor, and of other fellow beings. Undeniably, life offers many probabilities and opportunities to us in order to live a fruitful and passive life and donate for the healthy growth of the society. If we perform good and moral deeds and behave with others according to moral organization, we will not only conquest the hearts of others and grow society on the pillars of morals but also we can attain love and friendliness of the Allah, the Creator. After worships and spiritual duties of Islam like Namaz, Fasting, Hajj and Zakat, caring and fair handling with others will invite eternal consecrations and mystical booties from Allah Almighty.

Activities of human beings rest on on their opinions, intentions and motives. Ideology is elementary get-up-and-go agent behind doings and performances. There is a well-known proverb of the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) i.e. all activities are the consequence of the intent. On the foundation of conscious intent, actions will be arbitrated. Islam has powerfully highlighted the position of good performances. Great activities will make a person notable in both worlds. All over the human history, Muslims have established societies with their extraordinary and astonishing services. They recognized numerous organizations for the wellbeing and advancement of the people. The facilities of the friends of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), the preaching of Sufis and educations of the Scholars through issuing various books, are the obvious representations in this respect.

They convinced illumination in the age of dimness. They explain people how to live peaceably and magnificently with one another by keeping their differences a side. They guide people according to general moral standards and integrities. Through these doings, one can easily attain immortality. Similarly, once the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that when person departs this world, his all activities come too close, apart from three things i.e. continuous charity, positive knowledge and virtuous descendants who pray for him. Above-mentioned traditions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) appropriately reflects that with the help of altruistic and lasting movements for the improvement of the others, we can convert a mortal thing into memorable. Assistance of continual nature, helpful wisdom for others and upright offspring are best object among them. Hence, good movements can help us in attaining status of lasting peace.

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