Manav Vikas Path: The way of Human development

A human being by birth or desire, s/he may belong to any religion. As a human being her/his first and leading ‘Dharma’ (attribute/property) is ‘Manav Dharma’ (humanism / humanity and obligations of humanity).

‘Manav Dharma’ is the duties –karma and thinking, fit for human beings. The main among that is– to try to ‘develop the mind’, as much as possible, to proceed with the aim of growing ‘Completely developed human being’. This ‘Manav Dharma’ or humanism is ‘MahaDharm’.

MahaDharma –the way of true & universal Human Development

‘The call to be Human being’ is not any new saying. But in practical, any education center or any path or method is not there, before us. Now that path is shown by –MahaManas (search– MahaManas, MahaManan, MahaDharma) through which path, it can be progressed, to that ultimate aim of human life, that great path of true and universal self-development is ‘MahaManan’ or ‘Maha AtmaVikas Path’ (the practical aspect of ‘MahaDharma’) –the excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development. MahaManan –the way of true & universal Human Development.

Development of humankind or a nation is possible only through the development of individuals. For that, true and universal self-development is the main program of ‘MahaDharma’

We think, customary (formal) academic (school – college etc.) education is not sufficient for true development of human beings. For that, we need such an uncustomary (non-formal) basic self-development education which can help us to be fully developed human beings.

We want to establish an excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal Human Development, world wide– that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the ideal way of better living –the way to better life. ‘MahaManan’ is the practical aspect of ‘MahaDharma’. We are benefited and we want also you be benefited with us! If you are interested in this program, please join us and extend your helping hands.

True & universal self-development isn’t possible without universal soundness. For that, the ‘Universal Treatment’ is an important part of the universal self-development.

'MahaManan' that is to say– 'Maha Atma-Vikas' with 'Maha-Yoga' education (the excellent true & universal self-developmental education) is not only some different from other Yoga and self-developmental procedure, but extraordinary in many respects. 'Maha Atma-Vikas' education is the higher education of Yoga learning –An essential true & universal self- developmental education for everyone. MahaManan –the way of true & universal Human Development.

'Maha Atma-Vikas -Sikshakram' (with 'Maha-Yoga') is an incomparable excellent education syllabus on true & universal self-development program, taught by MahaManas –the great sage of the modern age.

MahaDharma’ is not religion, –it is more than religion
“Becoming fully developed human being –is the aim of our life and it is the chief object of 'MahaDharma' –the way to better life.” –MahaManas

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Hello, to make a better world, we (I) want to establish an excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development –world -wide, that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the way to better life.
I am dedicated to this human welfare program. Welcome, if you are interested in this great program and want to be involved in this activities.

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