While we embrace the concept of personal predetermination, we’ve always maintained everyone has the ability to make the most of their life within the bounds of their personal fate. Practical mysticism is one of the best ways to optimize life’s rewards and limit the challenges.

Our view is that mysticism doesn’t have to involve complex protocols and severe sacrifice. You can have mystical experiences every day through regular, deep contemplation, meditation and, or prayer. As little as ten minutes a day can get you started on the mystical path.

Prayer, to be effective, is more than simply asking whomever you pray to for what you want. That’s part of it, but additional steps are required to manifest your desires that are within the realm of your personal destiny.

The additional steps, aside from taking the right action at the right time to reach your goals, are spiritual, and you may already include them as part of your routine.

The following information is adapted from our Direct Your Destiny e-package and is a valuable addition to conventional praying and going after what you want.

Mystic’s Magic Formula

Applying the Mystic’s Magic Formula allows you to reach your objectives, if those desires are within the framework of your personal fate. If they aren’t, your efforts are probably still part of your predetermined path, though may be instead for a learning experience. Everything has a purpose, and the lessons learned from failed attempts at success are vital. The journey is what matters most, though making your aspirations a reality are of course important too.

Please note: this formula is nondenominational; anyone can use it for any area of life, regardless of religious beliefs.

1. Pause and consider your circumstances from a metaphysical perspective. Review your expectations and presumptions and let them go. When you drop your expectations, such as ceasing to attempt to control others, you more easily accept what comes your way in life, and it’s easier to see optimum paths to success.

2. Accept what has occurred, what is happening, and where you are in life. This is essential to move on. You can’t progress to your potential if you carry around the past like a huge weight on your back. Stop resenting and resisting what you can’t change, such as how other people act and what they do.

3. Make it a habit to express gratitude every day, as often as you can. Express it for where you are in life, everything you have, all the good that has occurred and that will be, and strengthen your faith by continuing to emotionalize the desired, end result. We believe regular, productive use of gratitude is one of the most potent spiritual tools available to you.

4. Ask for help from your guides of the Light, higher-self and, or (your) God, or whomever you pray too, as long as the entity isn’t of the dark side. You want to avoid, at all costs, asking for help from demonic entities, for example, because the price to pay is service by your soul to those dark lords after you die. Don’t sell your soul. Alternatively, beings of the Light, such as archangels, are willing to help you unconditionally.

Ask for help accepting what you can’t change and moving on, or improving the situation if it’s within your fate. Ask and you will receive what you need, but maybe not exactly what you want. Trust that the end result will be to your ultimate benefit.

5. Meditate to detach from fear, be in the moment, and to awaken your awareness. You can’t stop your subconscious mind from the constant stream of impressions, but you can detach from it through regular meditation.

6. Ask every day, what’s the next step? Remain receptive to clues, even from the most unlikely places, such as from words overheard from a passing stranger.

7. Take full responsibility for yourself and your circumstances and avoid blame.

8. Utilize spiritual tools available to you, such as numerology, astrology, past life regression, and others (but avoid black magic). If you don’t want to take the time necessary to learn such spiritual disciplines, consult with an expert instead.

9. Do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Avoid procrastination. Do ”the right thing” in all situations.

Implementing this mystical formula in your daily life will allow you to optimize your rewards, yield greater peace of mind, and lead a more fulfilling life.

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