(Trigger Point or Remedial Massage?) Quite a perplexing question for a number of clients- and truth be told, they are not to blame!


To discuss matters on a more fundamental level, most people who come for a full bodywork treatment have a rather simple choice between a trigger point massage and a remedial massage treatment.


But the reality of both of these highly popular treatments is they are completely different from one another.


‘Remedial’ Massage:- In lucid terms, remedial massage implies- ‘giving remedy’ or ‘intended for cure.’ Another way of putting this is a remedial massage is a baseline for a masseur in which they can add more value to their client’s treatment.


The remedial massage therapy in Perth is very thorough and precisely designed to iron out areas having knots or muscle tensions. If there is a particular pain symptom for a specific body part, remedial masseurs can focus more on that area in a session.


Example- a specific leg session, neck treatment session or even the shoulder treatment session.


Irrefutable Perks Of A Remedial Massage Therapy:-


Proper stimulation of the blood supply to removing the toxins and impurities present in the muscles.


  • Calming down of the nervous system to release pain and discomfort.
  • Effective toning and relaxing of the muscles to enhance joint mobility.
  • Easing of tension and stiffness.
  • And addressing conditions such as muscular cramps, whiplash, muscular fibrosis, back pain, frozen shoulder, and even muscular atrophy.


Trigger Point Therapy:-


Trigger points mainly refer to the tight area inside the muscle tissue, which is causing pain in different areas of the body. Example- if the trigger point is in the back, it may produce referral pain in the neck area, which can lead to causing pain in the head.


The trigger point is particularly designed to alleviate the root of the pain via cycles of strokes, isolated pressure and release. The client actively particulates via deep breathing along with finding out the right location and the severity of the discomfort.


Its popularity stems from the fact that trigger point massage therapy in Perth help release constricted areas in the muscle area, helping to reduce pain after only one session. And regularly going for it does go a long way in curing all sorts of chronic injuries.


Some Of Those Conditions Include:- Back pain, neck pain, joint ache, muscle pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, headaches and more.


Unwavering Perks Of A Trigger Point Therapy Session:-


  • Such sessions work wonderfully in mitigating and eliminating severe pain.
  • Assists in bettering body flexibility and range of movements.
  • Stress reduction and an overall increase in body energy.
  • Reduced reliance on pain-killer medications.
  • Less prone to chronic health condition relapses.
  • Enhanced awareness of the body and knowledge of all trigger points.  


The Verdict:-


It is difficult to choose between both these massages, as each of them has its own value and importance.


What one can do is find a notable massage agency in Perth, convey the issue, and allow them to suggest which session will be more fruitful as per their condition.  


So, what are you waiting for?

Author's Bio: 

The author specialises in trigger point massage therapy in Perth and few other massages. And being an avid writer, the author, educates the readers on remedial massage therapy in Perth.