Thousands of people are suffering from asthma every year. If you have asthma, you should have faith and patience for asthma control.

While asthma is a chronic condition, you can still enjoy your life with asthma control program.

After diagnosing with asthma, chronic diseaseyou feel that you should make undesirable changes in your lifestyle.

Asthma changes your life but your life also improves when you follow asthma control plan and look for support networks that offer help in controlling asthma.

Remember one thing that you are not alone suffering from this chronic disease.

You should not hesitate in taking support from family members and friends for asthma control. If you take support, you can make best out of your life. There are many options you can look for when you need support and help for asthma control.

You may feel alone when you are suffering with asthma. There are many support networks available in the web. Asthma control is possible when you learn more about your disease and symptoms, asthma treatment options and finding people who you can connect with them long term.

Ten steps for asthma control:

Apart from the support you get from outside, you can control asthma by following ten steps to improve your quality of life.

1. Understand your asthma condition: You should know about your condition, symptoms and type of asthma you suffer from for asthma control. Once you know about your disease, you can take control of yourself and take decisions that you should make to improve your health.

You should go in detail and deep in finding the causes of asthma for asthma control. Find out what the symptoms that are affecting your life are and what can be done to lead a healthy life and make sure that you are going in a correct way for asthma control.

2. Avoid the triggers: When you identify your symptoms of asthma, you should avoid things that trigger your asthma. Asthma can be triggered by allergens in the environment, food, medications etc. Avoid environmental pollutants such as dust which triggers your asthma.

Avoid foods that you are allergic to and medications and drugs that cause allergy reaction leading to asthma. There is no reason to use a substance which affects your health.

3. Not sure what triggers your asthma? Find out and take action: If you are not able to find out what causes asthma, your physician can work and discover your asthma causes. Identifying the triggers is the key in asthma control.

Once your physician discovers your asthma triggers, you can easily avoid them from your life. If environmental pollution is the cause, eliminate the dust and air borne particles from your home and take necessary precautions at the work place.

4. Taking prescribed medications: Before the disease controls you, you should control it by taking necessary medications. Medications should be followed in time and in prescribed manner to avoid worsening of the situation.

Develop a regular routine for asthma control as it is hard to remember to take medicines everyday. Routine makes your life easier.

5. Finding asthma specialist: When you have planned to take the treatment, you have to find asthma specialist who can treat asthma in well mannered way. You should be comfortable with your doctor and treatment method.

Selecting the asthma specialist is the key factor for asthma control as the treatment goes for long term because asthma is preventable but not completely curable. You should visit your asthma doctor regularly to check how well your asthma is controlled.

Even, if you have mild asthma symptoms, you should see your doctor for every six months for asthma control.

6. Obey the treatment procedure: If you have diagnosed with asthma, you should obey the treatment plan and procedure rather than going against it. Many people show lack of interest in asthma control as it is a long term process. Sometimes, you feel to avoid the treatment and live like normal person.

But, remember one thing that if you disobey to follow the treatment plan and medications, it can lead to severe illnesses and your condition worsens. You have to follow the guidance of doctor for asthma control.

Talk to your doctor about other alternatives if you find it difficult to follow a treatment program. Your doctor can suggest alternative methods so that you can live an active and normal life.

7. Find activities that you can enjoy: Even if you are suffering from asthma symptoms, you have to find the activities that can be enjoyed. The activities should not ruin your health and should not deviate from the goal of asthma control but should be of fun.

The activities can be chosen in such a way that you can get out and enjoy with others and forget about the disease you have. You can better cope with your disease when you live normal and active life.

8. Other existing conditions with asthma: when you are diagnosed with asthma, you develop depression and other related illnesses. Once depression is developed, your asthma symptoms become even worse. Your quality of life declines and you lead a poor life.

But, the good news is that there are positive treatments for depression. Cognitive behavior therapy helps to overcome depression to improve asthma symptoms.

You can share your feelings with someone who might listen your complaints and actively suggest positive solutions to wipe out the negative feelings you have in your mind.

If you have depression, you should take the treatment that can help you come out of the depression.

This is the important step in asthma control. If you don’t know whom to approach for depression treatment, you can ask your family doctor so that you can go to the correct person for the treatment.

9. Meet positive people: Talking to positive people helps to decrease negative thoughts which influence on your life. Positive people can encourage and make you feel comfortable.

So, take time and have commitment to meet positive people who have positive influence on your long term goals and objectives.

To whomsoever you are going to talk, they should know about your condition and speak to you with hope and optimism about the condition. With positive people around you, you can get out from bad times. There are several organizations you can contact for information.

Your doctor also direct you to local support groups where adults and kids can meet others going through the same phase of frustration and learning process. Together, you can share experiences with them and can have helpful tips and coping strategies.

10. Be happy: Be happy and smile whatever the condition you may have. Smile improves your outlook, productivity and well-being, whether you are suffering from the disease or not. If you think all the time about the disease, you cannot control it and instead the disease controls you.

Don’t worry constantly that you are suffering with a chronic disease, instead enjoy your life by taking medications at the scheduled timings which is the important part of asthma control.

Improving your lifestyle does not mean making complete change in your life, spending hours of time in gym and avoiding all the things you like. You can incorporate changes that will slowly help you become stronger, healthier and less stressed.

Working with health care provider and following the treatment program helps in asthma control. If you do not seek medical care or follow treatment plan for asthma control, your ability to function deteriorates.

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