We all know, sometimes our Netgear Wi-Fi router alone is not much effective to give us a constant Wi-Fi signal throughout every corner of our home or office premises. There are always some dead network zones or spots inside our premises, where you cannot find any kind of Wi-Fi network signals. In this particular situation, Netgear Wi-Fi extenders are proving the best to eliminate all such dead network zones or spots.

We have to just proceed with the Netgear WiFi extender setup with our existing home wifi router and it will automatically start to cover every corner of our residence and eliminate all the dead network zone or spots with a strong and consistent Wi-Fi network signal.

To set up the Netgear WiFi extender easily, firstly we have to open mywifiext.net local webpage on any of your prefered web browser of our desktop or a laptop. But, in doing so, sometimes, we found many errors, which make us quite frustrated. We are not able to reach www-mywifiext-local and we see an error message or pop up on our desktop screen.

There could be several facts for not directing to mywifiext.local

If we fail to reach www-mywifiext-net during the Netgear wifi range extender setup then, it could be because of certain various facts. It could be because of old wifi router that we are using right now at our residence because it may not be upgraded or updated with some of the latest features or the displacement of Netgear extender setup can cause this error.

So, every time whenever we try to go for Netgear wifi range extender setup, we must make sure that our desktop/laptop is properly connected with our Netgear wifi range extender. Once its get connected properly, then again we should try to visit www-mywifiext-net. After that, we would land on the Netgear wifi extender setup page and we could easily set up the Netgear wifi range extender.

Netgear wifi extender placement can cause a problem

During the setup procedure of Netgear extender, we should always place your wifi extender and router in the same room within the distance of 1 to 3 feet far from each other. If the Netgear wifi range extender is placed far from the currently existing home wifi router then, it might be notable recieve a good number of wifi signals that are mandatory for Netgear wifi extender setup process.

So, during the Netgear range extender setup, we should always place our home router and range extender near to each other. Once you placed the Netgear extender like this it would be easier to reach www-mywifiext-net and we would be able to set it up with ease.

A Hardwired Setup to reach www.mywifiext.net

Tried trying all the suitable methods for Netgear range extender setup but still fails to reach mywifiext net then, the alternative best method could simply connect your Netgear wifi range extender directly with your home Wi-Fi router by using simply an Ethernet cable.

After that just pull up an Internet web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Safari on the desktop or laptop and visit www-mywifiext-net. After that, it will be asked to create a Netgear account and after that, we can follow the Netgear wifi extender setup process.

If you still facing the same issue and looking for the Netgear extender support, feel free to share your range extender issues with us, just by dropping the Netgear extender related queries in our comment box. We always feel delighted to assist you.

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